22 Arcana: What Secrets Each Energy Holds

The “22 Arcana” method by Natalia Ladini encompasses knowledge about the Major Arcana. Each of these arcana has a unique set of qualities and can exist in both positive and negative states.

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The standard interpretation of the 22 arcana is known to almost everyone interested in esotericism. But are you aware of the unique characteristics of each arcana? We are sure you are not, so meet them in this article!

22 Arcana: What Secrets Each Energy Holds

The Secrets of Each Energy in the “22 Arcana” Method

The 22 Major Arcana represent the main archetypes of human life. Each arcana has a personal set of qualities and several secrets:

The MagicianMagicians possess very strong intuition, often among them are people with extrasensory abilities. Moreover, their main ability is to adapt to any situation and be open to everything new.
The High PriestessThis arcana has strong intuition, wisdom, and literally attracts everyone around with its incredible magnetism. Regardless of the gender of the holder of this arcana, all attention will always be on them. They are open yet mysterious and intelligent.
The EmpressThis energy is the embodiment of true abundance. Conversations with them are very comfortable, and people with this arcana are full of life wisdom and always know how to provide the right advice. By the way, holders of this arcana can also confidently be given first place in the ranking of the best parents.
The EmperorIf you have an Emperor arcana holder in your circle, you will feel like you are behind a stone wall with them. These people are just and always ready to help, and they are always ready to protect the small and weaker ones.
The HierophantThese people are always ready to learn and discover new things. Holders of this arcana are true spiritual mentors who will always give wise advice and share their knowledge.
The LoversThis arcana can “split” into two parts and live completely different lives, but behind this feature, there may also hide potential duplicity.
The ChariotWhen a Chariot arcana holder enters a room, the air literally feels like success and victory. These are the type of people who are called “spark plugs” — they are always full of positive energy, which they “charge” those around them with. Additionally, they have a strong inner core that impresses people around them.
JusticeThis arcana impresses with its views on life. They are so honest and fair that sometimes it seems that such people simply do not exist in the modern world. But despite their honesty, fate often treats them unfairly.
The HermitThe Hermit can be confidently given the title of “Enlightener No.1.” Often, this arcana does not spread its energy on the outer world much, preferring to spend time in self-knowledge, and its perseverance and true wisdom enlighten everyone around!
Wheel of FortuneThe 10s are fate’s favorites — nothing more to add here! Holders of the 10th arcana often feel the cyclicity of life. By the way, people who have been close to holders of the 10th arcana claim that with the appearance of the “tens” in their lives, luck has smiled on them more often.
StrengthMany roads are closed to Strength, but thanks to their inner core and perseverance, they always get what they want. After communicating with the Strength arcana, people always wonder where this arcana gets so much energy and how they manage to do everything.
The Hanged ManThe secret of the Hanged Man arcana is that they often do not understand what they want from life and therefore act intuitively. Despite the uncertainty in life, they still know how to enjoy and live brightly.
DeathRadicals, cardinalists, and transformers — this is all about the 13th arcana Death. Holders of this energy mercilessly cut off the ends of the past and easily start life anew. Their desire for freedom and adventurous spirit is admirable. But few people guess that holders of this arcana tend to overthink and may have many phobias.
TemperanceHolders of the 14th arcana are simple in communication, but at the same time sophisticated. But their main secret: it is difficult for them to find balance in many aspects of life.
The DevilThe Devil attracts people like a magnet and tempts them with their passionate temperament. The Devil is also prone to temptations, and most often the cause is inner loneliness.
The TowerThe Tower is a symbol of a new beginning. But their main secret: they can unconsciously carry a destructive force and make a “revolution” in their own life and the lives of those around them.
The StarThe Star is a bright light that shines constantly. This arcana will do well in any field. But this arcana also has a secret: in the negative, they may feel insecure but will hide it and “walk with a star.”
The MoonIt is pleasant to spend time with Moon holders. This arcana is very multifaceted, but it is also worth noting that 18s are great dreamers.
The SunThis arcana shines and exudes optimism, light, happiness, and joy. But few people know that deep down, the Sun can feel lonely and need warmth.
JudgmentThis arcana easily adapts to any situation and is open to everything new. But the phrase “seven Fridays in a week” accurately describes this energy, as they often reassess their priorities.
The WorldThe World is about harmony and reliability — they clearly know what they want. But there is also one nuance: they often get tired of people and seek peace.
The FoolIt is easy and effortless with the Fools: they are cheerful and have a great sense of humor. But because of this, they are also somewhat frivolous.
22 Arcana
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22 Arcana: What Secrets Each Energy Holds


Each of the 22 arcana is unique and has a number of distinctive bright qualities. However, each of them also has secrets or features that they would not want others to be aware of.

This article will be useful for those studying the “22 Arcana” method, as this information can be used when analyzing the destiny matrix and the arcana within it.