Ajna Chakra – Description, Calculation, and Interpretation of Energies in the Destiny Matrix(6)

Ajna Chakra – Description, Calculation, and Interpretation of Energies in the Destiny Matrix(6)

The Ajna Chakra, located at the forehead level between the eyebrows, is known as the third eye. In many cultures, it is considered the chakra of wisdom, a spiritual center that governs vision in both the physical and mystical senses. It provides the ability to intuitively know things for which there are no concrete physical proofs.

Let’s examine the energy of the Ajna Chakra, how to develop it, calculate it, and interpret it.

Ajna Chakra: Functions and How It Works

On the physical level, this energy center is connected to the central nervous system, i.e., the brain, spinal cord, cerebellum, and the pituitary gland, which is responsible for hormonal balance.

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Ajna Chakra

The awakening and activation of the Ajna Chakra release knowledge that transcends words and the mind. It opens a person to a transcendent power, giving control over their emotional, mental, and instinctive states, as well as those related to desires. This area is responsible for integrating various elements of the psyche and intellect, leading to a complete wholeness of personality and the ability to function in the world in harmony and balance.

How to Calculate Ajna Chakra for Women and Men

To determine the need for the awakening and development of the Ajna Chakra in women or men, it takes only 5 minutes. Our virtual calculator handles the technical aspects, providing concise information based on the date of birth, gender, and name.

Ajna Chakra in the Destiny Matrix: Interpretation and Opportunities

The results of the calculations are formed by the service into a downloadable document, structured by a numerologist. The interpretation provides information about inactive centers, methods of harmonizing the Ajna Chakra, and more.

Harmony of the Ajna Chakra in the Destiny Matrix

A person with a free energy flow through this zone is aware that they are more than just a body; they are a soul evolving through successive incarnations on Earth. Their intuition, also known as the sixth sense, is awakened. They experience a sense that an inner voice guides them through life, helping them make the right decisions.

Often, people experience insights, visions, or possess extrasensory abilities. They have no problems with interpersonal contacts.

Disharmony of the Ajna Chakra in the Destiny Matrix

A blocked energy flow in this center leads to perceiving the material world as the only real one. The person is closed to recognizing the existence of more than what the senses can see and feel. The most common manifestation of a blocked chakra is rationalism. The intellect and logic, through which the person perceives the world, effectively “close off” imagination and intuition.

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Ajna Chakra

Other manifestations of a “drained” zone:

  • Believes that what cannot be seen, verified, or proven by scientific methods does not exist. Thus, spiritual truths are rejected.
  • Focuses on the material world, bodily desires, and basic needs — leads a consumerist-materialist lifestyle.
  • Being closed to transcendent vision, remains trapped in personal prejudices and stereotypes.
  • Has problems controlling thoughts and emotions. They are scattered, chaotic, with a predominance of emotional patterns.
  • Tends to escape into a world of dreams, illusions, and fantasies. This is a kind of unwillingness to confront the real world and its problems. It can result from deeply hidden fear, veiled in various forms.
  • Experiences feelings of guilt — a consequence of subconsciously adopted philosophical and religious views.

How to Stay in the Flow of Ajna Energy: What the Destiny Matrix Warns

Specialists, including those using the Destiny Matrix method, offer numerous methods to restore the energy flow in Ajna. Popular choices include color therapy, contemplation, visualization, and meditation with corresponding frequency sounds.

  1. Color Therapy. Wearing indigo-colored clothes or surrounding yourself with indigo-colored objects positively affects the energy center.
  2. Visualization. To unblock the energy flow through the third eye chakra, imagine breathing dark blue, sapphire light. Direct your attention to the zone and imagine inhaling and exhaling the color. Picture the center expanding with each breath, filling the body with inner warmth.
  3. Contemplation. Observe the night starry blue sky. If you enjoy listening to music, classical music would be ideal.
  4. Gemstones. Sapphires, fluorites, tanzanites, dark blue tourmalines, dark amethysts, sodalites, or lapis lazuli can help unblock the energy flow.
  5. Aromatherapy. Choose ginger, mint, or jasmine oils and conduct evening saturation sessions.

Activating the Ajna Chakra, as warned by our Destiny Matrix calculation, can help eliminate diseases, problems, feel part of the Universe, and live life to the fullest.