Anahata Chakra — Description, Calculation, and Decoding Energies in the Destiny Matrix(4)

Anahata Chakra — Description, Calculation, and Decoding Energies in the Destiny Matrix

Anahata Chakra — In the Hindu tradition, it represents harmony, understanding, love, joy, and forgiveness. Due to its central location among the zones, it is considered the focal point of energy. It is the core of human existence, connecting the lower chakras, focused on the body and worldly matters, with the others, concentrated on the spiritual realm.

Let’s explore the energy of the Anahata Chakra, how to enhance it, calculate, and decode it.

Anahata Chakra: Functions and Responsibilities

The heart is the core where the energies flowing from above merge with those from below. Its task is to balance and unite different aspects of being. At this level, we accept the interpenetration of matter and spirit. Anahata is located in the chest at the same level as the heart. It is associated with the element of air and the sense of touch. It is responsible for the immune, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

Anahata Chakra
Anahata Chakra

A revealed and activated Anahata Chakra allows you to get rid of diseases and ailments that accompany you throughout life. When the heart area “awakens,” a person suddenly begins to feel a connection with living beings, becomes sensitive to the beauty around them. They avoid cruel and aggressive people, events, and situations. Their attitude towards others changes, releasing a wave of compassion and sensitivity. Peace and calm begin to reign in the heart.

How to Calculate Anahata Chakra for Women and Men

If you feel the need to harmonize the Anahata Chakra, want to get reliable information about its current state, and recommendations from a numerologist for its development, we recommend using our virtual calculator. The service allows you to make calculations in seconds, simply by entering your date of birth, gender, and name.

Anahata Chakra in the Destiny Matrix: Decoding and Possibilities

When you decide to calculate the Destiny Matrix, you won’t need to decode the data yourself. The system automatically provides an individual result based on the day, month, and year of birth. Users can study the processed areas on the website or download the document to a portable device.

Harmony of Anahata Chakra in the Destiny Matrix

The center awakens a high awareness of the heart, bringing spiritual gifts into life, such as psychokinesis and soul healing. With a properly functioning energy field, people exhibit the following characteristics:

  • They have harmonious, positive relationships with others.
  • They radiate love, kindness, and understanding.
  • They do not hold grudges or regrets for long — they know how to forgive.
  • They feel harmony in life, love themselves, others, animals, and nature.
  • They are sensitive to the beauty of the surrounding world.
  • They can give and take with joy.

They realize that the source of love is within themselves.

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Disharmony of Anahata Chakra in the Destiny Matrix

If the flow of energy through the heart chakra is disrupted, such people hold grudges in their hearts and find it difficult to forgive.

  1. They are convinced that they do not deserve love. They are unfamiliar with compassion for other beings.
  2. Expressing feelings causes embarrassment and confusion. For this reason, they build a mental wall between themselves and others.
  3. They feel good when others show interest in them.
  4. They experience constant mood swings, from anger to intense euphoria.

A “depleted” Anahata leads to depression and a sense of loneliness. This hinders the formation of close and trusting relationships.

How to Stay in the Flow of Anahata Energy: What the Destiny Matrix Warns About

To balance the work of the heart chakra, surround yourself with green and pink colors. The former has a calming and restorative effect, while the latter awakens tenderness and love. It is worth choosing and consuming foods such as broccoli, grapes, and avocado, which provide energy. It is necessary to choose clothes in shades of green, emerald, aquamarine, or pink.

Contact with nature is beneficial — walking barefoot on the grass or taking a walk on a rainy day. Among precious stones, it is worth acquiring rose quartz, malachite, or aventurine. If you have a pet at home, spend as much time as possible with it, hugging and petting it.

Revealing and developing the Anahata Chakra in women and men is about feeling love for oneself and the world, radiating kindness, and having peace and harmony in the body.