Birthday Energy or Personality Code — What is it? + Arcana Interpretation (22)

Birthday Energy or Personality Code — What is it? + Arcana Interpretation

Birthday Energy. Have you ever wondered, dear reader, why you were born on your specific birth date? It might sound a bit tautological, but know that you came into this world on that day for a reason! In the matrix of destiny, there is an arcana that signifies the energy of your birth date, also known as the personality code.

But what does this code mean? Where is it located in the matrix of destiny? How can it be calculated and interpreted? In this article, we will provide complete information on this topic and also give an interpretation of each code!

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Birthday Energy

What is the Personality Code or Birthday Energy?

The question of the personality code is directly related to the method of numerology and the matrices of destiny. Every digit and number that surrounds us carries a mysterious meaning. Similarly, the day you were born can reveal a lot about you, because it has its own energy.

There are several nuances when working with the personality code. One of them: there are only 22 birth codes, but 30 calendar days. So how to deal with this situation? Simply add the digits of your birth date if you were born after the 22nd to find your code.

This energy will tell you how people see you, how you behave in public, and what real talents you have. But to know all this, you first need to calculate your birthday energy!

How to Calculate Birthday Energy and Where it is Located in the Matrix?

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Matrix of Destiny

Calculating birthday energy is not difficult. Simply use our destiny matrix calculator and find this code in the karma zone of parent-child relationships!

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How to Calculate Birthday Energy and Where it is Located in the Matrix?

But you can also determine birthday energy manually. If you were born on the 1st to the 22nd, your code will correspond to your birth date. But if you were born on the 23rd to the 31st, you need to add the digits of your birth date.

For example, if your birthday is on the 23rd, your code will be 5 (2+3) — Hierophant, and if on the 30th, it will be 3 (3+0) — Empress. It is also worth noting that birthday energy is under the patronage of the Sahasrara chakra and directly influences a person’s thinking.

Personality Code Interpretation

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Birthday Energy

Once you understand what the personality code is and have calculated it, it’s time to interpret it. Birthday energy can be positive or negative, so a person has both strengths and weaknesses.

1 — MagicianStrong leader, innovator, and pioneer with many ideas.Sense of superiority over others, fear of the new, selfishness.
2 — PriestessWisdom, observance, developed intuition.Indecisiveness, love of gossip, and hidden capriciousness.
3 — EmpressHealthy self-love, sincerity, excellent taste, and innate status.Pride, vindictiveness, excessive softness in men, and harshness in women.
4 — EmperorAuthoritativeness, responsibility, and strong inner core.Fear of responsibility, despotism, and bossiness.
5 — HierophantInborn oratory skills, ability to learn and share knowledge, organization.Stubbornness in one’s wrongness, desire to teach everyone, and reluctance to develop.
6 — LoversArtistry, charm, refined taste, and non-confrontational nature.Sensitivity, inability to communicate with people, and touchiness.
7 — ChariotActivity, determination, leadership, and self-sufficiency.Laziness, inability to complete tasks, aggressiveness.
8 — JusticeFearlessness, decisiveness, responsibility, and a desire for new knowledge.Tendency to nervous breakdowns and depression, unwillingness to change, and the stance “the problem is with others, not me.”
9 — HermitIntellectuality, self-sufficiency, wisdom.Reservedness, unwillingness to help, and self-satisfaction.
10 — Wheel of FortuneAdventurousness, luckiness, developed intuition, and optimism.Passivity, dependency, leading to a difficult life.
11 — StrengthSteadfast spirit and physical strength, responsibility, and healthy workaholism.Rudeness, aggression, apathy, and a tendency to “wear oneself out.”
12 — Hanged ManMercy, responsiveness, and innovation.Pessimism, self-sacrifice, and touchiness.
13 — DeathCourage, good memory, and fearlessness of radical changes.Fear of death and the new, abruptness.
14 — TemperanceKindness, openness, refined nature.Unwillingness to forgive, rudeness, callousness, and yet sensitivity.
15 — DevilDeveloped intuition, striving to surround oneself with only the best, oratory skills.Desire for power, aggressiveness, and critical nature.
16 — TowerLeadership, ability to live in the moment, innovation.Addictions, injuries, and aggression.
17 — StarUnconventionality, good intuition, rich imagination, and ability to excel in any field.“Star disease,” dependency, and self-doubt.
18 — MoonDeep nature, mystery, strong intuition.Addictions, gossip, and duplicity.
19 — SunPositivity, active position, and determination.Unhealthy workaholism, pride, touchiness.
20 — JudgmentExtrasensory abilities, strong intuition, and curiosity.Altruism, materialism, aggressiveness.
21 — WorldDiplomacy, broad views on life, non-confrontational nature.Stereotypical thinking, categoricity, militant attitude.
22 — FoolLove of freedom, ease in communication, and openness.Material fixation, addictions, and a dissolute life.

Conclusion on Birthday Energy

The birth date is a code that can tell about a person’s personality, their strengths, and weaknesses. Calculating birthday energy in the matrix is easy: just use our destiny matrix calculator or add the digits of your birth date if it is above 22.