Chakra Manipura — Description, Calculation, and Decoding of Energies in the Destiny Matrix(3)

Chakra Manipura — Description, Calculation, and Decoding of Energies in the Destiny Matrix

The Manipura Chakra, located two fingers above the navel, is symbolized by the color yellow. Characteristics of its realization include abundance, fullness, respect, forgiveness, warmth, joy, light, purity, and acceptance. Let’s explore the energy of the Manipura Chakra, how to enhance it, calculate, and decode it.

Chakra Manipura : Functions and Operations

Unlocking and working on the Chakra Manipura in both women and men helps to improve the functions of the lower back, abdominal cavity, digestive system, stomach, liver, spleen, pancreas, adrenal glands, gallbladder, and autonomic nervous system. The solar plexus is also associated with the energy center, the inner sun, which is responsible for vitality.

Chakra Manipura : Functions and Operations
Manipura Chakra

When the energy center is active, emotional balance is felt. If it is closed, emotions are expressed explosively.

How to Calculate the Manipura Chakra in Women and Men

To make a detailed calculation of the energy center, you need to use the virtual calculator with free functionality available on our website. Note that to get complete information about the current state of the zone and advice from a numerologist on life areas, you will need to pay for the service.

Manipura Chakra in the Destiny Matrix: Decoding and Possibilities

Harmonizing the Manipura Chakra improves not only the functioning of organ systems but also one’s existence in the world. The obtained results do not require self-decoding, as they are produced individually in each case by the algorithm.

Harmony of the Manipura Chakra in the Destiny Matrix

The solar plexus can be defined as the place where the human personality resides. Beliefs and self-perceptions about oneself and the surrounding environment constitute self-esteem. Thus, the energy center is responsible for relationships with the outside world. When the zone functions properly, a person feels motivated, with a desire to live and create. This is pure energy of action and activity.

People with a harmoniously functioning Manipura:

  • empathize and have inner willpower;
  • easily realize plans, goals, and visions;
  • believe in their abilities and that circumstances will work in their favor;
  • have harmonious interpersonal relationships;
  • take control of life and events;
  • feel useful and deserving of the best;
  • are satisfied with life;
  • feel abundance, wealth, and confidence that all needs will be met;
  • are self-confident.
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Manipura Chakra

Disharmony of the Manipura Chakra in the Destiny Matrix

A closed chakra causes pathological changes: heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, stomach pains and ulcers, digestive system disorders, liver diseases, and gallstones. Behavioral disorders also occur: grumpiness, criticality, chronic fatigue, workaholism, lack of individuality and self-confidence, fear of new things.

Among other things, people with a “drained zone”:

  • experience emotional chaos;
  • do not feel satisfaction;
  • are constantly struggling with themselves;
  • are nervous and impulsive;
  • lack energy and willpower to act and make changes in life;
  • do not accept themselves;
  • have low self-esteem and lack confidence;
  • are overwhelmed with problems;
  • cannot find peace and harmony;
  • feel threatened by others;
  • experience a constant sense of lack.

How to Be in the Flow of Manipura Energy: Warnings from the Destiny Matrix

If the Destiny Matrix method indicates that the solar plexus zone is not functioning properly, it is necessary to restore the free flow of energy. This can be achieved through:

  1. Color therapy. Surround yourself with yellow clothing, household items, or food. Interacting with nature on a sunny, warm day will also be beneficial.
  2. Gemstones. Amber, citrine, and sunstone will help cleanse the Manipura Chakra.
  3. Music. Choose classical concerts and opera.

Unlocking and working on the Manipura Chakra in both women and men helps to improve bodily functions, both physically and psychologically. Since the energy center is characterized by instability, it is important to regularly pay attention to it.