Chakra Sahasrara — Description, Calculation, and Interpretation of Energies in the Destiny Matrix (6)

Chakra Sahasrara — Description, Calculation, and Interpretation of Energies in the Destiny Matrix (6)

Chakra Sahasrara, located at the top of the skull, serves as a conduit and connection to higher cosmic consciousness. In yoga texts, it is often described as an inverted thousand-petaled lotus flower with a full moon at its center. When it awakens, a person experiences a reunion with the universe, distancing themselves from everyday life in search of contact with God.

Let’s explore the energy of the Sahasrara chakra, how to activate it, calculate, and interpret it.

Chakra Sahasrara: What it Governs and How it Functions

This energy zone glows with violet, white, and gold colors, responsible for deep spiritual understanding of reality, transcendence, mysticism, and prayer. It provides insight into the nature of reality and life, holding the abilities and potential of a person. Its goal and aspiration are to experience divinity. The chakra allows one to see and understand the reality that surrounds them on a spiritual level.

Chakra Sahasrara — Description, Calculation, and Interpretation of Energies in the Destiny Matrix
Chakra Sahasrara

Divine energy flows into the body through the energy channel. This is the path of higher energies, allowing one to achieve unity with the Absolute. When the Sahasrara chakra is opened and activated, other zones automatically operate at higher frequencies.

How to Calculate the Sahasrara Chakra for Women and Men

To perform the calculation, simply use our online calculator:

  1. Open the corresponding tab on the website.
  2. Enter your date of birth, name, and gender.
  3. Wait for the calculation results and the interpretation of the Sahasrara and other chakras.
  4. Then, pay attention to the detailed analysis of the obtained information.

Sahasrara Chakra in the Destiny Matrix: Interpretation and Possibilities

You don’t need to interpret the information yourself — the virtual service does everything for you. You will receive advice from a numerologist on how to open and work on the Sahasrara chakra in women, which can significantly improve your life.

Harmony of the Sahasrara Chakra in the Destiny Matrix

When the energy zone is open, the transformation of the individual and selfish “I” into the universal occurs, which suddenly realizes its spiritual purpose in life, its true nature. A person sees this as unconditional pure consciousness, which is the source of created things. The chakra does not make one hesitant to ask themselves questions, even if they are deep and uncomfortable.

  • The feeling of inner silence, balance, and peace intensifies.
  • Relationships with others and the universe as a whole change.
  • Moments are increasingly experienced where there is a sense of no separation between oneself and the external world — everything becomes One.
  • Trust in God appears. Desires become complete devotion to God’s guidance.
  • The need to follow the path of spiritual development grows, accompanied by a sense of awakening as if from an illusory dream.
  • Collective consciousness takes a separate place. Life begins to be viewed as a spiritual experience.
  • One sees the Creator’s actions in every experience that comes to them.
  • Realization comes that the necessary knowledge is already in the mind, so when searching for an answer, one looks within themselves.
  • Surrender to the flow of life, knowing that God will lead to the best place, providing the necessary energy to fulfill the task.
  • An open Sahasrara is the feeling of complete unity with the Universe and a sense of inner freedom.
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Chakra Sahasrara — Description, Calculation, and Interpretation of Energies in the Destiny Matrix

Disharmony of the Chakra Sahasrara in the Destiny Matrix

When this zone is closed, there is often a feeling of insecurity and the futility of one’s existence. The power of concentration is focused on the external world. A person seeks authorities to show them the right path and lead them to solve problems. In reality, this is impossible, as everyone must find their inner source of strength independently.

A characteristic feature is an aversion to spiritual matters — lack of interest, ignorance, or even open hostility. When the chakra is closed, there is a sense of separation from the fullness of being, from the Creator, which leads to doubt about the meaning of life. Fleeing from introspection causes a constant sense of terror and fear, including the fear of death. Such emotions indicate the need to turn inward and listen to the voice of the heart.

How to Stay in the Flow of Sahasrara Energy: What the Destiny Matrix Warns About

To harmonize the chakra Sahasrara chakra and initiate the energy flow, one should spend a lot of time in nature. Contemplating the starry sky is particularly beneficial. It is also important to visualize cosmic space or flying through the cosmos, imagining galaxies passing by.

The zone can be opened with the sound “OM” or by being in absolute silence. This way, a person remains vigilant and ready to receive God’s voice or message. Additional helpful practices include:

  • Color Therapy: Violet and white colors open the energy center. White contains all elements of the palette, combining levels of life, merging them, and opening up to the healing power of God. Violet, in turn, reveals spiritual dimensions through the transformation of the mind and soul. Add decorative elements in these colors to your space, such as candles, candleholders, clothing items, and even the food you eat, like vegetables or fruits.
  • Aromatic Oils: Frankincense elevates the soul and mind, purifying the atmosphere. Lotus oil, a symbol of beauty and spiritual perfection, can also be used.
  • Gemstones: Amethyst or clear quartz support the free flow of energy and positively affect the aspects governed by this chakra.

If you aim to feel calm, serene, and free from illnesses and negative sensations, use the virtual calculator to calculate your Sahasrara chakra according to the Destiny Matrix.