Chakra Svadhisthana — Description, Calculation, and Decoding of Energies in the Matrix of Destiny(2)

Chakra Svadhisthana — Description, Calculation, and Decoding of Energies in the Matrix of Destiny

The Svadhisthana chakra is located two fingers below the navel, associated with the element of water and the sense of taste for life. Its color corresponds to orange. This energy center influences the quality of interpersonal relationships, especially those with the opposite sex. Let’s explore the energy and overall understanding of what the Svadhisthana chakra is, how to enhance it, and how to calculate and interpret it.

Chakra Svadhisthana: What It Is Responsible For

When it comes to the physical body, the sacral zone is responsible for the bladder, kidneys, reproductive organs, and bodily fluids, including lymph and semen. The center is energetically connected to the gonads. A harmonized Svadhisthana chakra allows for the proper functioning of organs and systems, providing pleasure in life.

Chakra Svadhisthana : Calculation for Women and Men

For calculations, we recommend using our online calculator, which provides a complete picture with minimal data input. Within seconds after filling out the form and activating the service, you will receive data on the state of the energy center, recommendations for working on and harmonizing the Svadhisthana chakra.

Chakra Svadhisthana — Description, Calculation, and Decoding of Energies in the Matrix of Destiny

Svadhisthana Chakra in the Matrix of Destiny: Decoding and Opportunities

The system decodes information online, providing the user with ready results based on a numerologist’s analysis. There is an opportunity to test the calculator in demo mode for free, getting brief information on specific areas.

Harmony of the Svadhisthana Chakra in the Matrix of Destiny

If the center is working correctly, a person is open, creative, free, and natural. Energy flows through them, filling them with creative forces, successful interactions with the opposite sex, and a quality sexual life. Full opening manifests as safety, grounding, kindness, acceptance, independence, satisfaction, agreement, pleasure, and purity.

If the sacral chakra works harmoniously, people exhibit:

  • creativity;
  • fulfilling relationships with others, especially with the opposite sex;
  • kindness, trust, respect, and non-conflict behavior towards others;
  • acceptance and respect for the body;
  • enjoyment of sexuality and intimate relationships;
  • a diverse and expressive life;
  • experience of bodily and sensual pleasures;
  • emotional development and attractiveness;
  • freedom of self-expression.
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Disharmony of the Svadhisthana Chakra in the Matrix of Destiny

People whose zone is not functioning properly exhibit:

  • low self-esteem;
  • pessimistic attitude towards themselves, others, and the world;
  • lack of self-acceptance;
  • distrust;
  • rudeness, aggression towards others;
  • difficulties in experiencing pleasure;
  • perception of life as something unpleasant, burdensome, gray, monotonous, and boring;
  • problems in the intimate sphere, rejection of sexuality;
  • lack of creativity and passion;
  • insecurity with the opposite sex.

Typically, a closed Svadhisthana chakra causes such disorders and diseases as sexual frigidity, impotence, arthritis, disorders of the reproductive organs, urinary tract, kidneys, bladder, blood, and lymphatic system.

There is distrust of the opposite sex, selfishness, pessimism, criticism, lack of warmth, tenderness, and self-worth.

How to Be in the Flow of Svadhisthana Energy: What the Matrix of Destiny Warns About

Calculating the Svadhisthana chakra using the Matrix of Destiny method helps to identify disruptions in the sacral center’s functioning, preventing unwanted manifestations of disharmony in time. Familiarize yourself with techniques that improve the energy flow through the zone:

  1. Color therapy. Since the zone is assigned the color orange, it is beneficial to strengthen it by incorporating this color frequently. It is recommended to wear clothing or accessories in this shade, visualize an orange element, light candles, and observe images associated with water.
  2. Gemstones. Carnelian, moonstone, and orange agate have a positive effect on harmonizing the energy center.
  3. Aromatherapy. Use rosewood, sandalwood, sage, marigold, mint, jasmine, or anise.

It is important to remember that the zone is closely linked to experiences of pleasure, so anything that induces this state stimulates the flow of energy through the energy center.

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