Child-parent relationships are the most complex aspect to work through in the system of the destiny matrix

Child-parent relationships are the most complex aspect to work through in the system of the destiny matrix

“Family is like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one”, once said an unknown actor. This quote beautifully describes how our family influences us, as it lays the foundation in each person’s mind. Child-parent relationships are the most complex aspect to work through in the system of the destiny matrix.

Family relationships and generational connections have always been a challenging topic. But the system of the destiny matrix helps to understand this delicate issue! In this article, we will discuss the child-parent karma in the matrix, its importance, and how to work through it.

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Child-parent relationships

What is child-parent karma?

We are sure that you, dear reader, have often noticed that some people have conflicting relationships with their parents, while others live in harmony and fully understand each other.

From the perspective of numerology and the destiny matrix, many aspects influence child-parent relationships in the matrix, but the key one is the karma of child-parent relationships.

This karmic task reflects the kind of relationship you had with your parents in a past life. And here, as never before, your past actions come into play.

If you treated your family with respect in a previous incarnation, it will be easy for you to find common ground with them in this life. But if you behaved “badly,” you will have to reap the bitter harvest and mend difficult relationships with your parents.

Practice diagnosing matrices shows that it is extremely rare for a person to have the child-parent relationship zone fully worked out. And working through it is not easy, as this task requires a comprehensive approach.

Where is the child-parent karma located in the matrix and how to calculate it?

You can calculate the karma of child-parent relationships manually or use our free destiny matrix calculator. This karmic task consists of three arcana, located on the Earth line on the left side:

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location of child-parent karma

It is worth noting that this place in the system of self-knowledge is under the protection of the Sahasrara, Ajna, and Vishuddha chakras, which means that relationships with parents will affect both subconscious attitudes and physical health.

If you delve into the question of chakras in the zone of child-parent karma, you can state the following:

  • Child-parent relationships influence a person’s thinking and the overall functioning of the brain. Parents influence traits in the child such as determination, realism, and optimism.
  • Child-parent relationships affect a person’s intuition and the state of sensory systems.
  • Child-parent relationships also affect the degree of a person’s introversion, the ability to formulate and convey thoughts, and to defend one’s position.

How to work through the karma of child-parent relationships?

Working through the karma of child-parent relationships is quite paradoxical because if it is not brought to a positive state, the negative karma will “pull down” all aspects of the matrix. At the same time, working through this task requires a comprehensive approach, and to bring it to a positive state, not only the energies of karma but also the other 11 zones in the matrix must be taken into account!

First, it is necessary to calculate the matrix, find the zone of child-parent karma, and analyze the state of the three energies. Diagnosing the arcana will help you understand what aspects you need to work on within yourself to come into a resourceful state. For this, you need to turn the negative sides of your personality into positives!

What happens if you don’t work through this karmic task?

The effect of unworked child-parent karma will manifest itself more vividly than the negatives of other zones. The negatives of the three energies will affect not only your physical and mental state but also your communication with family and close people.

Undoubtedly, this will significantly slow down the process of bringing the other zones to a positive state, and may even “drag” them down. By the way, before working on this task, you should deal with the Character zone and ancestral programs, as this will make it easier to work through this karmic task.

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Child-parent relationships are an important component in each person’s life, and often, family relationships are not easy to understand. But the destiny matrix and the zone of child-parent karma will help to clarify everything.

Remember that working through this task requires an exclusively comprehensive approach and sometimes, when it is difficult to bring the positions to a positive state, you need to involve even the diagnosis of Sahasrara, Ajna, and Vishuddha.