Compatibility Matrix: What It Is and How to Use It?(14)

Compatibility Matrix: What It Is and How to Use It?

Modern esotericism allows us to learn about the compatibility of two people in a couple, and the diagnosis of the compatibility matrix helps with this. But how is the compatibility matrix structured? How do you work with it? What aspects of relationships can it reveal?

In this article, we will fully cover the topic of the compatibility matrix and answer the above questions!

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What is a Compatibility Matrix?

The compatibility matrix is a comparison of the fate matrices of two partners. This matrix will tell you why people met, how their relationship is going, what prospects the union has, and much more.

The compatibility matrix is based on Natalia Ladini’s “22 Arcanes” method. It is important to note that the diagnostics of a spouse’s matrix and just a lover’s matrix differ slightly. However, in any case, it will show what might repel partners from each other and what, on the contrary, attracts them.

It is worth remembering that the compatibility matrix is not a verdict! If you are thinking about entering a relationship with someone and decided to check the matrix, and it indicates complete incompatibility with the partner, first of all, you should listen to your heart!

How to Calculate the Compatibility Matrix?

You can calculate the compatibility matrix manually, but it is not an easy task. Therefore, we recommend using our compatibility matrix calculator to learn about the prospects of a union with your partner!

How to Decipher the Compatibility Matrix?

There are 5 key points to pay attention to when deciphering the compatibility matrix:

  1. The Couple’s Comfort Zone.
  2. The Reason for the Partners’ Meeting.
  3. The Manifestation of the Couple.
  4. The Point of Financial Well-being and Happy Relationships.
  5. Karma.

The concept of deciphering the compatibility matrix is very similar to the algorithm for analyzing a personal matrix, but it differs in that it applies to two people. And this is perhaps the main difficulty in diagnosing compatibility matrices for beginners.

The Couple’s Comfort Zone

The first few months of a relationship are often called the “honeymoon period” because partners do not notice each other’s problems, and the air is filled with a sense of love. But as soon as this period passes, the arcane of the Comfort Zone makes itself known. 

The interpretation of this energy will indicate what problems will arise in the relationship and how to solve them. The couple’s comfort zone in the compatibility matrix literally describes the character of the couple. 

The location of the comfort zone in the compatibility matrix coincides with the location in the personal matrix:

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Discovering Why Partners Met

To see why the couple met, it is necessary to analyze the karmic tail in the compatibility matrix:

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The karmic tail contains information about what people in a relationship need to go through, what they need to learn, or how they need to change. These three energies are extremely important as they represent the couple’s unfulfilled tasks from a past life. Working through them can help avoid conflicts and understand the possible sources of their occurrence.

The Couple’s Manifestation

How the couple behaves in public and looks from the outside can be seen by analyzing the personal karmic zone or parent-child relationships in personal matrices:

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Compatibility Matrix

Knowing how the couple looks from the outside can indicate potential problems in intimate relationships and suggest ways to address them.

Determining the Secret of Financial Well-being and Happy Relationships

The couple’s financial perspective can be seen along the money line:

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Compatibility Matrix

The three energies should be analyzed similarly to diagnosing the money channel in a personal matrix:

  • The arcane at the junction with the love line — typical mistakes of the couple regarding money. 
  • The central arcane — the couple’s financial potential and how money comes to them.
  • The energy at the junction with the karma of money and finances — indicates the area through which money will come to the couple. This point is also viewed to find out in which niche the couple should open a business and whether they should do it at all.

And how the relationship develops can be seen along the love line:

Compatibility Matrix

It should be analyzed considering the following points:

  • The arcane at the junction of the karmic tail will indicate the key source of conflicts in the relationship and ways to prevent them.
  • The central arcane in the love line will indicate the point of harmony in the relationship and the moments that will strengthen the relationship.
  • The energy at the junction with the financial line will indicate possible mistakes the couple makes with money, which can create grounds for conflicts.

Negative Karma and Difficulties in Relationships

If the couple does not work through the karmic tail, negative karma will undoubtedly make itself known, causing difficulties in the relationship. Moreover, not only the negative aspect of the karmic tail can cause conflicts, but also the negativity of the financial and love lines, personal karma, the character zone, etc.

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Conclusion on Compatibility Matrices

The “22 Arcanes” method by Natalia Ladini also helps determine the compatibility of partners. The compatibility matrix will indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the love union and its prospects. Moreover, it will suggest possible sources of conflicts and methods for their resolution.