Compatibility and Relationships in the Destiny Matrix Method (22) — How to Check

Compatibility and Relationships in the Destiny Matrix Method — How to Check

Compatibility of partners by the Destiny Matrix method is a numerology technique that allows you to view relationships through the prism of the energies of two people. It provides an opportunity to find common ground with each other, understand which partner is right for you, and how to build harmonious connections, including business relationships, not just romantic ones. You can calculate the Relationship Arcana in the Destiny Matrix with interpretation using an online calculator for free.

The check is performed based on the full birth dates of two people, containing the energy of the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot. The method is based on Buddhist teachings combined with the archetypes of personality by C. G. Jung. Compatibility of partners by the Destiny Matrix describes the couple in detail and reveals potential in all areas of life (domestic, social, financial).

If you wish to view the compatibility in the Destiny Matrix with energy interpretation in detail, use the paid version of our service.

Compatibility Destiny Matrix

What the Arcana Mean in Relationships in the Destiny Matrix

The relationship channel includes 3 energies following each other. The interpretation of the descriptions starts with 3, while numbers 1 and 2 are never used. When 3 or 4 appear, it is important to consider for which gender the description is made.

Decoding the Matrix through the compatibility channel allows you to find out which person is suitable for love and family:

  • 3 in the female Matrix — a gentle, household-oriented, and respectable family man is suitable. He surrounds with care and attention, gets along well with children. Partners who do not tolerate moral pressure are interested in him. 
  • 3 in the male Matrix — difficulties in choosing a life partner. Men prefer to choose women who resemble their mother. She should bear children and manage the household.
  • 4 in the female Matrix — with a strong male shoulder, possessing leadership qualities, capable of solving any problems. He should be restrained in expressing emotions. 
  • 4 in the male Matrix — a partner with a strong character who has achieved career success. She easily combines family care and work. Actively expresses her civic position so that energy finds an outlet.
  • 5 — a spiritual mentor. He sets the true path, loves to give advice, and respects family values. Conservative, feels satisfied when everything in life goes strictly according to plan. 
  • 6 — a charming partner who spends a lot of time on self-care and carefully monitors their appearance. Sociable, quickly integrates into any team. 
  • 7 — an absolute leader. Leads an active lifestyle, loves to travel. Spends a lot of time behind the wheel of a car. 
  • 8 — a realized partner, has a high status in society. At home, behaves in the opposite way.
  • 9 — the embodiment of wisdom, always ready to help with sound advice. Prefers solitude, rarely visits public places. Loves to meditate and reflect on the meaning of being. 
  • 10 — a partner in the Destiny Matrix with a creative mindset, a muse person. Most often chooses unusual hobbies. Acts as a motivator and helps achieve goals. 
  • 11 — easy-going, mobile. Prefers to engage intensively in active sports. His undeniable plus is the ability to quickly find common ground with children.
  • 12 — a kind-hearted person with an open heart. Has non-standard thinking, experiences love for the surrounding world. Often chooses a profession in the medical field or engages in charity. 
  • 13 — unpredictable, interested in extreme sports. Does not resist changes in life, always fun with him. His occupation is closely related to business trips and travels. 
  • 14 — a nature with a thin spiritual organization. Often writes love letters to his object of desire. Incredibly kind and always ready to help, but very touchy.
  • 15 — a partner with powerful sexual energy. Relationships with him will be full of bright events. This is an authoritative person, to whom others are ready to listen. Can be completely financially independent. 
  • 16 — a spiritual leader, capable of becoming a guide for people. This person inspires heroism. Often in long searches for a soulmate. 
  • 17 — a celebration person, loving creativity. With him, there is a desire to visit public places as often as possible. 
  • 18 — an attractive partner with self-esteem. Noble and of high breed. Has deep knowledge in psychology.
  • 19 — a positive person, financially secure. Constantly exhibits leadership qualities, wants to impress others. 
  • 20 — the partner’s mission is to close family traumas. It is easy to build a strong relationship with such a person, which could not be built with parents due to certain circumstances.
  • 21 — broad-minded, often a foreigner, or someone who thinks in the opposite direction, helps to discover new worlds, gives the opportunity to look at ordinary things from a different angle. 
  • 22 — a positive person, the soul of any company. Freedom-loving. Does not strive for excessive wealth. Values freedom and does not want to lose it.

Calculating partner compatibility in the Destiny Matrix can be easily done online with interpretation issuance. A special automated program on our website allows for accurate numerological data interpretation.

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Just enter the person’s birth date into the special form and click the “Calculate” button. The result will be displayed instantly. 

How to Calculate Compatibility by the Destiny Matrix on Your Own

By making calculations, you can find out which numbers and energies are present in the Matrix. However, it is practically impossible to independently get a completepicture of their interrelation and determine if there is negative karma in the relationship. Only special courses and years of practice allow for the correct interpretation of the Matrices and analysis of compatibility. However, for this purpose, it is much more convenient and easier to use our virtual smart calculator.