Destiny Matrix: Calculating the Earth and Sky Lines with Interpretation

Destiny Matrix: Calculating the Earth and Sky Lines with Interpretation

The Destiny Matrix Sky Line is a straight line that connects the opposite corners of a diagonal square (top and bottom). By examining this element, one can study a parameter such as a person’s energy potential. If the line connects the left and right corners of the diagonal square, then it is called the Earth Line in the Destiny Matrix method. The first case deals with a spiritual concept, while the second involves a material resource — finances and physical condition.

On both lines, a triad of energies is noted. Their combination forms a kind of key, which gives an advantage in gaining new knowledge in necessary areas and solving specific situations. To determine it correctly, the Destiny Matrix with decoding is used. 

How to Calculate the Earth and Sky Lines by the Destiny Matrix

To understand the essence, they need to be analyzed separately and the key to each found. You can try to interpret everything yourself or use our online calculator for the calculation.

Destiny Matrix: Calculating the Earth and Sky Lines with Interpretation

Earth Line Analysis

The horizontal line in the personal square is called the Earth Line. Since two energies are known, the third is the result of their summation. For example, if it’s 22 and 21, then the third is 43. However, since 43 is greater than 22, we sum again 4+3 and get 7. As a result, we have the Earth Line characterized by the triad 22-21-7.

The Earth Line can be seen as something material, something we see, feel, touch. In other words, it’s the entire surrounding world. This includes the place where a person lives, things acquired for oneself and as gifts, the means earned to go on vacation. In short, it’s everything that creates a feeling of happiness and life satisfaction.

Now we can proceed to decode the matrix key of the Earth Line, determined by the triad of energies 22, 21, 7.


First, let’s consider the first number, which indicates the energy inherent in a person at birth. It determines personal level goals and the connections between children and parents. The purpose of relationships is influenced not only by the received energy but also by others deeply hidden in the matrix. To achieve balance, it is necessary to start with this place.

If a person was born on 22-08-1983, their relationship with their parents and children will directly depend on this energy (whether it is in a positive or negative state). Let’s analyze this with an example:

  • Since the 22nd energy is characterized as the highest spiritual freedom, a person in a negative state will perceive all recommendations from parents as taboo, coercion. This will provoke a desire to get rid of the overseers, to escape from home.
  • The person may program themselves to believe that their life’s purpose is to take care of their parents, while their personal goals and desires are suppressed.
  • There is an option where a person forms a subconscious barrier. They fear that having a child might violate their personal freedom.

It’s easier to solve the problem when you begin to understand the essence of a person’s actions. Often, just understanding and accepting what is happening already changes the picture.

Earthly Well-being

For a person born on 22-08-1983, the second channel is marked by energy 21. This psychoenergetic center corresponds to earthly well-being. Knowing all the details, you can understand what actions are needed to achieve success in earthly life.

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Earth Line Analysis

The position of the 21st energy implies that the person thinks on a large scale. The feeling of joy will be conditioned by activity and participation in public life. To understand how this works, let’s give an example:

  • Assume a person with the 21st energy has a business. Therefore, from one store, they can mentally expand to a chain of shopping centers in a matter of minutes. This mechanism applies to all areas. There is also a flip side to this — fears that come into life are as large-scale as thoughts. Much depends on what will dominate — fear or love. Consequently, specific outcomes should be expected.

In a situation where fear takes a priority position, the energy that was supposed to carry a positive note into the environment will turn into general irritability. Everything will seem different, the previous order will feel different, the angle of perception will change. These conditions are not conducive to expansion. The person is in a stage of stagnation at work, with no development. Getting out of this state is aided by an accurate Destiny Matrix calculation.

Earth Line

The final energy on the Earth Line is what a person must achieve in the physical world. This provides the opportunity for mission realization. It is essential to understand that this is not the purpose itself, but one of the stages of approaching its revelation.

When a person listens to their spiritual state — energy 22, does not fear global processes — energy 21, the overall energy is spent on the effectiveness of achieving set goals — energy 7. Such a person has the qualities of a leader, and those around them feel the need to follow such people to achieve success.

If a person restricts themselves in actions, sets limits, the feeling of oppression will increase (energy 22). The shortcomings of the second energy will lead to anxiety in actions, which will affect the suppression of new ideals. The final 7th energy is needed to compete with the environment,as the world will be divided into good and bad.

Overall awareness of the energy triad on the Earth Line allows achieving goals in the material world. If left to chance, actions will lead to no results; the person will question why nothing works out.

Sky Line Energies

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Sky Line Energies

The vertical line of the personal square is represented by the Sky Line. It is also characterized by a triad of energies but is responsible for religiosity, the sixth sense, connection with otherworldly processes, discovering new abilities, and contact with previous reincarnations. This all constitutes vital force.

In the example considered, the Sky Line energies are 8-6-14:

  • The upper point corresponds to contact with the guardian angel. The position of this energy affects the guardian angel’s ability to come to help and give useful advice when necessary. If it is mainly positive, the person has a better-developed sixth sense. Simultaneously, new abilities of the individual open up.
  • The connection with past lives is located at the bottom point of the matrix. This place of the 6th code of purpose is the energy of love and passion. The position shows what obstacles the person faced in a previous incarnation. Being in a positive state indicates a surge of strength, while a negative state signifies the opposite. Enthusiasm disappears, a drain of vital energy is observed, leading to degradation and despair.
  • The final cumulative energy of the Sky Line is the 14th. When the individual exists with the awareness that in terms of karmic debts there is no such thing as justice, and fate is the result of our actions, the connection with the guardian angel begins to strengthen. This process will manifest through the sixth sense, success, and good luck. This contributes to improving relationships with people. As a result, you will attain complete peace and spiritual balance, which will also help reveal all deeply hidden abilities.

Proper perception of your energies allows a person to improve their mental state daily, focusing on discovering new potentials. The main thing is to believe in your guardian angel and listen to them. Spiritual development is essential so that forces and energy work in the right direction.