How to Survive a Personal Crisis – Destiny Matrix

How to Survive a Personal Crisis – Destiny Matrix

How to survive a personal crisis. Turning points and fateful moments can happen to anyone. The future is unpredictable—when you think everything is fine, a sudden twist can occur, leading to a dark period. There’s even a saying for this: “When you have winning cards, life offers to play checkers.” This accurately highlights crisis periods.

Such situations, like quarrels with loved ones, difficulties in relationships with a partner, financial troubles, and illnesses, can throw you off balance. Sometimes the situation spirals out of control, and a person loses the meaning of existence, becomes disillusioned with everything, falls into a gloomy state, and spends sleepless nights.

A personal crisis in the Destiny Matrix is a spiritual struggle between your feelings and thoughts that are tangled. The individual actively seeks a solution to transition to a state of balance, a comfort zone where they feel at ease. When they fail to do this, they find themselves in a desperate situation. This can negatively affect mental activity, causing anxiety that is hard to relieve without professional help. Our Destiny Matrix calculator can help find a way out of this crisis.

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How to Survive a Personal Crisis – Destiny Matrix

What is a Personal Crisis?

Delving into the Greek language, we find the meaning of the term “crisis,” which means judgment or decision. Essentially, it is a contradiction between past concepts and current perspectives. Situations that once held great significance have now taken a backseat. Approaches used to accomplish necessary tasks have lost their former effectiveness.

💡In psychology, a state is called extreme when a person cannot return to their original form. They fall into despair and find themselves in a state of complete hopelessness.

Everyone who goes through a crisis experiences different emotions:

  • A feeling of emptiness, with no one to share their experiences with, even among family members and close friends;
  • Stress, tension, emotional burnout;
  • The sensation of being a black crow among a flock of white swans;
  • The need for external support;
  • The desire to get rid of emptiness.

Personality’s turning points are often noticeable to others because they have visible manifestations:

  1. An unstable mental state. Even if something serious happens nearby, a pensive person won’t notice, as they are locked in their sad world. There are difficulties in expressing genuine emotions. 
  2. Alienation from the outside world. Attempts to engage a conversation partner can cause nervousness and a negative reaction.
  3. Difficulty falling asleep. Short sleep and nighttime wakefulness lead to a disruption of life’s rhythm.

The above symptoms lead to the suppression of the immune system. Poor nutrition and lack of sleep increase the risk of illness, further worsening the overall condition of the body. The overwhelming majority of people feel like they are living an artificial life, as if they have found themselves on the other side of an invisible boundary.

How to Find Yourself with the Destiny Matrix

The Destiny Matrix method is a highly accurate way of understanding oneself. It works based on the knowledge of psychology, numerology, and Tarot cards, which have been used for many years by experts in esoteric practices. Only in the modern world has this information become publicly accessible, allowing anyone interested in self-analysis and improvement to use it.

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How to Find Yourself with the Destiny Matrix

All hidden processes can be deciphered using our calculator, which has an automated calculation and decoding system. By providing the program with your birth date, you will receive an automatically calculated Destiny Matrix and a detailed analysis of every sphere of life. The basic functionality is free. An intermediate version is available after registration, and full, detailed descriptions can be obtained after paying for a specific plan.

Every day, a huge number of site visitors use our official Destiny Matrix calculator, whose full interpretations help solve problems that have caused a crisis.

How to Get Through Moments of Despair

You can overcome the wave of crisis using several methods. The main thing is to accept the fact of the “illness” and follow the recommendations obtained from the Destiny Matrix.

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How to Get Through Moments of Despair

Create an Action Plan

You should have a blank sheet of paper and a pen at hand. Focus and write down all the negative moments that bother you, indicating the area of activity where they appeared. This practice helps identify the root cause of the turning point in your life. Often, it is right in front of you.

Next, outline the steps to combat the source of the crisis. The final action will be to implement the plan in reality. For it to succeed, a number of conditions must be met:

  • Have a specific goal. The person should be confident in their actions and know what they want.
  • There is an incentive. There can be many, but one main incentive should stand out.
  • Know the specific request. Write down a list of wishes and needs.
  • Analyze what will help you get out of the crisis. Perhaps these are specialized courses if it concerns work.
  • Strict adherence to the action plan. To achieve the result, you need patience and time, don’t give up, everything will definitely work out.

It is essential to notice every good, positive detail in life. Learn to thank yourself even for the smallest achievements. The more you focus on negative situations, the more you will attract them into your life. Compliments to yourself will help get rid of insecurities and boost confidence.


There are two ways to deal with a personal crisis. The first is to sit back and say how bad life is and how unlucky you are, sinking to the very bottom of this state. Or choose the second, which involves finding the root of the problems—writing a detailed plan for improving your life using the Destiny Matrix.

It is your personal choice which option to prefer. But if you are tired of living in the shadow of fears, work on yourself, and the result will not be long in coming.