How to know the future using the Fate Matrix method: Prognostics

How to know the future using the Fate Matrix method: Prognostics

The Fate Matrix system is a unique tool for self-discovery that not only points to the path of truth and tells about a person but also predicts the future. When we say that the Fate Matrix predicts, we do not mean an exact prediction of events.

Prognostics based on the Fate Matrix has its subtleties and features. One of them is that the matrix will never definitively state what will happen to a person. This may sound very confusing, but in reality, the 22 Arcanum method allows for recommendations for the year to live resourcefully and achieve all set goals.

Intrigued? Let’s explore all the nuances of prognostics using the Fate Matrix system!

What is Prognostics in the Fate Matrix System and Why Is It Needed?

Every year of our lives is under the patronage of one of the 22 Arcanum. Proper diagnostics of the Fate Matrix and energy analysis will suggest what to expect in the coming year.

It is well known that there are favorable moments in each person’s life for traveling, moving, and simply changing the environment. Each Arcanum in the Fate Matrix method also has a specific set of qualities for realizing certain tasks.

The prognostics method based on the Fate Matrix can provide hints on what to strive for during the year and what to avoid, to direct all your energy in the right direction. By the way, there are also favorable periods in life for working on specific programs:

  • From birth — the karma of child-parent relationships.
  • 10 years — the spiritual ancestral program on the Father’s side.
  • 30 years — the spiritual ancestral program on the Mother’s side.
  • 40 years — the karma of health and finances.
  • 50 years — the material ancestral program on the Father’s side.
  • 60 years — the karmic tail.
  • 70 years — the material ancestral program on the Mother’s side.

This list does not mean that you cannot start working on the material program on the Mother’s side at 20 years old. In fact, the earlier you address these issues, the better, but it is essential to complete this task by the age of 70.

It is also worth noting that if you work on a program at a favorable age, not only will the task be easier, but it will also bring more changes to your life.

How to Predict Events Using the Fate Matrix System?

To predict events using the Fate Matrix system, you first need to calculate it. This can be done easily using our Fate Matrix calculator.

After the calculation, you will have a ready matrix in hand, with each side of the octogram assigned an Arcanum and the corresponding age:

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How to know the future using the Fate Matrix method: Prognostics

To understand where to direct your efforts, you need to analyze the positive and negative manifestations of the Arcanum. The positive aspect of the Arcanum is what you should strive for; the negative aspect is what you should avoid. The overall energy characteristics will suggest how to behave throughout the year to achieve all your goals.

Example of Prognostics on a Ready Matrix

To best consolidate the theory, we suggest applying it in practice and making a prognostic for the current year of a woman born on July 19, 1978:

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Currently, the woman is 44 years old, and she is under the patronage of the Strength Arcanum. This suggests that throughout the year, she will likely need to work hard (positive manifestation of the 11th Arcanum), but she should not overexert herself and should allow herself to rest, which is perfectly normal (negative aspect of the Arcanum).

By the way, when making a prognostic, it is very appropriate to look at the Arcanum of the previous and next year for accuracy and information gathering. The 43rd year of this woman’s life corresponds to the Hermit Arcanum: likely, the year was calm, moderate, nothing new happened, and the person was focused on self-discovery. The World Arcanum suggests that the 45th year will be full of harmony and happiness.

Considering the entire range of the past, current, and next year, one can conclude: last year, the woman likely spent a lot of time planning a project and learning; this year, she is actively working to achieve her goal; and next year, she will reap the rewards of her efforts.


The Fate Matrix is not only a tool for self-discovery but also for prediction! Although it does not provide an exact forecast of future events, you can get hints and recommendations to direct your resources to the right area and achieve all your goals. Prognostics indicates what to strive for and what to avoid. When making a prognostic, remember to pay attention not only to the Arcanum of the current year but also to the previous and next years.