The Fate Matrix by Date of Birth: Is There Any Sense in It?

The Fate Matrix by Date of Birth: Is There Any Sense in It?

The Fate Matrix by Date of Birth: Is There Any Sense in It? The essence of a person is not the skin but the soul. The body serves only to perform certain tasks on Earth. The born do not remember their true goals, but if they do not fulfill them according to the plan of the Universe, they will pay with their life energy. There is only one thing left – to find out what the essence of our bodily incarnation is. Numerology will help with this question.

You can calculate the Fate Matrix method by date of birth online using our calculator for free. If the free functionality seems insufficient, a subscription to its paid part is inexpensive but 100% worth it.

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The Fate Matrix by Date of Birth

What the Fate Matrix by Date of Birth Online Will Tell You

The date of birth is a guide to fate, and the Fate Matrix allows you to accurately decode it. It completely determines the character of an individual, indicates the peculiarities of their manifestation in various life spheres, forms cause-and-effect relationships, and explains what influenced the formation of the personality’s temperament.

The secondary task is to determine the mission to fulfill the karmic purpose. The calculation provides a detailed description of:

  • the essence of incarnation for oneself;
  • the role for society;
  • spiritual purpose.

The Fate Matrix contains many other functions and possibilities, for example, it shows the code of destiny for a state of tranquility. People try to leave their comfort zone, but were they ever in it? Many do not even understand what life without irritants is. Are you comfortable in society, confident that you are happy?

To understand what surprises await in your personal life, what your child will face, how to self-realize and where to find a financial channel, conduct a decoding. The Fate Matrix by date, month, and year of birth will help find harmony, improve relationships with family, find an approach to others, direct efforts in the right direction, and enhance the main areas of life from all sides.

What the Arcana in the Fate Matrix Represent — Names of Magical Energies

Horoscopes often feature characteristics of archetypes of people, but the 22 Arcana in the Fate Matrix openly and clearly demonstrate how a particular energy is formed and how powerful its action is. As soon as the energy goes into the negative, existence turns upside down: brave fours start running away from responsibility, gentle sixes close themselves off and become rude, and sevens, who love travel, indifferently languish at home.

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What the Fate Matrix by Date of Birth Online Will Tell You

Here is what each of the Arcana in the Fate Matrix means by number, if briefly decoded:

  1. Magician. Directed energy makes a person a leader.
  2. Harmony. Those who possess it do not like to be alone, have no leadership qualities but are good strategists. Moreover, they are always surrounded by a warm atmosphere that they spread around.
  3. Fertility, Household. Harmonious family people who bring beauty, love, and tenderness to their surroundings. They have a tender attitude towards animals and plants, everything blooms and flourishes in their hands.
  4. Power, Authority. Fours are always strong, confident, courageous individuals who are not afraid of difficulties and responsibilities. Masculine energy, endowed with a high internal potential, attracts sympathy like a magnet.
  5. Order. The fifth is endowed with such positive qualities as responsibility, loyalty, reliability, and the ability to support. A harmonious and spiritually fulfilled personality capable of succeeding in all aspects of life.
  6. Love. Characterized by kindness, openness, hospitality, interest in fashion, sociability, and a large, open heart that will conquer anyone.
  7. Conqueror. They are driven by primacy and excitement, obsessed with their goal, but once they get what they want, they immediately switch to something else. They love traveling.
  8. Justice. The 8th Arcana in the Fate Matrix are truthful people endowed with sharp intelligence who skillfully build cause-and-effect relationships. They interact with society and help everyone whenever possible.
  9. Sage. Here, mystical energy reigns. Born magicians love tranquility and accumulate knowledge. Good and loyal, although they are loners, people are drawn to them.
  10. Flow. They give the impression of being lazy and silly, but they are very lucky and act as a talisman, bringing happiness to those around them.
  11. Strength, Movement. Those who possess this energy are incredibly fortunate, as they, like Julius Caesar, can do many things simultaneously, quickly and efficiently.
  12. Service to People. A guide to the kingdom of kindness, innovation, creativity, and mercy.
  13. Rebirth. Extremists who are not afraid of change or death.
  14. Healing. Creative, kind-hearted people with an open heart, a beautiful soul, and healing abilities.
  15. Temptation. Highly passionate individuals, quarrelsome, talented speakers who often become the life of the party due to their eloquence.
  16. Spiritual Awakening. Endowed with deep energy, they are distinguished by spiritual leadership, a relentless search for themselves, and the process of self-discovery.
  17. Star. Under its influence, creative tendencies appear. They cannot be ignored, and their activities have a healing effect.
  18. Moon. Possessors of this energy are highly intelligent and capable of materializing ideas.
  19. Sun. Spontaneous, strong, focused, and positive people who can protect their inner child while being authoritative leaders.
  20. Annunciation. They bring strength and prosperity to their kin.
  21. Universe. Such people have a practical, clear mind and are destined to be negotiators, liberators, fighters for peace and justice. Their potential is enough to implement the most complex ideas.
  22. Freedom, Travel. First and foremost, they are open, daring individuals with no attachments. They love to travel the world.

The 22 Tarot Arcana in the Fate Matrix are not a miracle but a scheme of improvement and new discoveries that will help build a happy life path and effectively work off karmic debts. By working on yourself, you will surely see progress, as we are the creators of our own destiny!