Health chart in the matrix of fate: What is it and how to decipher it? (11)

Health chart in the matrix of fate: What is it and how to decipher it? (11)

Have you ever heard of the term health cart? Many, especially newcomers to numerology, wonder, “What is this chart next to my matrix?” In reality, this table is a convenient organization of the arcana of the health chart.

But what does the health chart mean? How to use it? Why is it needed? In this article, we will answer all these questions, explain the theory behind the health chart, and apply the knowledge in practice!

What is a health cart and how does it relate to chakras?

Health card in the matrix of fate
Health chart in the fate matrix: What is it and how to interpret it?

It is well known that our spiritual and physical health greatly influences our lives both positively and negatively. Have you ever experienced sudden pain in an organ or body part with no apparent cause and no medicine helps?

This is the Universe signaling that you are off track; ailments can be both physical and emotional, and the health chart helps determine the cause of their occurrence.

In the human body, there are conditionally seven chakras: Sahasrara, Ajna, Vishuddha, Anahata, Manipura, Svadhisthana, and Muladhara. Each chakra is responsible for specific systems and organs in the body and is marked with a color in the fate matrix:

SahasraraPurpleMental health, thinking, spirituality, head.
AjnaBlueIntuition, wisdom, eyes.
VishuddhaLight blueThyroid gland, throat, auditory system.
AnahataGreenHeart, respiratory system.
ManipuraYellowLiver, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas.
SvadhisthanaOrangeGastrointestinal tract, kidneys, reproductive organs.
MuladharaRedExcretory and reproductive systems, legs.

If something is bothering you, you can look at your health chart and see which chakra has imbalances to address the ailment.

Where is the health chart in the fate matrix?

By calculating the fate matrix with us you also receive a ready-made health chart:

DkjenbzwAnf7 dwnqiZqmsjt CZ0YrYoP28Ve CChSmjoBlZ 4 zRuX6g7pZl4C7KVPbJJqEF3C T9ayyG1jq2fCjF9s iX2B8HeiEKssK kAoOIiuBnUOPe3Tj1RlyiVfyDz0Yzv6viGRYKcVz7iYg
Health chart in the fate matrix

As you can see, the health chart is formatted in a table for convenience, but these energies can also be identified in the matrix since each chakra corresponds to a specific color. Thus, the arcana in the “Physics” column can be found in the “circle” of the chakra along the Earth line, and “Energy” along the Sky line.

How to calculate the health chart?

You can create a health chart yourself, but first, you need to calculate the fate matrix. We suggest not wasting time on numerous arithmetic algorithms — just use our calculator and it will provide a ready-made result instantly.

How to interpret the health chart?

In the health chart, besides columns with chakras, there are also columns with values such as “Physics“, “Energy“, and “Emotions”. Each chakra corresponds to three arcana, but how to correctly interpret them? Let’s find out below!

Lines of Earth and Sky

First, let’s understand that the diagonals of the vertical square in the fate matrix create the lines of Sky and Earth. The Sky line represents a person’s inner world, their emotions, soul, and mental state. This line characterizes everything related to fantasies, dreams, and the unreal. The Earth line, on the other hand, is its complete opposite. This diagonal represents reality, life, and practicality.

In the health chart, these lines are labeled differently:

  • Physics — the chakra arcana along the Earth line.
  • Energy — the chakra arcana along the Sky line.
  • Emotions — the sum of the previous two values.

Speaking of the arcana in the “Emotions” column: this is the overall energy of the particular chakra that you should focus on to remove the block.

Energy charge

Energy charge plays a key role in analyzing the health chart, as it determines which position is blocked and how to turn it into a positive state. For example, if you feel down and act indecisively, it is likely that the arcana along the Sky line (physics) of the crown chakra is in the negative.

In other words, the energy charge directly explains why you have certain illnesses and how to resolve them. To get rid of the problem, you need to work on it and turn your negative energy into a positive one.

An example of analyzing a health chart

To consolidate the theory, let’s analyze a health chart.

Imagine the situation: a man born on 23.03.1973 seeks a health chart diagnosis because he has been worried about his heart for a long time; he is also concerned that he has had difficulties communicating with people all his life and takes a passive position in society, yet he is very ambitious. The man is also puzzled as to why he has not yet met a partner.

To consult the client, we first need to calculate the health chart:

CiaU9HGZrXbi BfgkukniDQZkZiWtXtrcYwKPoODCpm Rl6fUeA t5ABcnjWvArWclyCfGO8sAlpxjiCzLPJoQR Dqg9OPg6BFBgpJVDHPbKUqV0i tc2 tjliAj0l4yKTG1HzSj CKeSOMfdebYZqs
Example of a health chart analysis

If the client is worried about their heart, this is definitely caused by disturbances in the Anahata chakra. Since the problem is related to physical health, we need to look at the energy along the Earth line (physics).

The Hermit Arcana in the negative is about isolation and fear of loneliness at the same time. Such people are distrustful, live in asceticism, and may either have a family but feel lonely, or not have a family at all (our case). This is why the man started having heart problems, and to solve them, the Hermit’s energy needs to be turned into a positive:

  • Eliminate the principle of “settling for less”.
  • Stop being isolated and learn to trust people.
  • Find a job related to intellectual work.

Next, we need to analyze the energy along the Sky line.

The seventh Arcana is characterized by aggressiveness, a militant attitude, passivity, and selfishness. Thus, a person may experience communication problems with others. Interpretation of the seventh Arcana in the negative in the Anahata chakra perfectly describes our client, as he is ambitious but cannot achieve his goals due to communication problems. To turn this energy into a positive, one must:

  • Get rid of any possible aggression.
  • Overcome the fear of taking responsibility.
  • Realize their talents.

The Tower Arcana in emotions suggests that you should not be afraid to start something from scratch and face all your fears.