Health Map — Complete Guide + Example Breakdown + Interpretation (7)

Health Map — Complete Guide + Example Breakdown + Interpretation (7)

The Health Map is a unique tool that can help diagnose and prevent ailments through the assessment of chakra states. It illustrates three aspects: physical, emotional, and energy. These points explain why illnesses might appear based on your physical and spiritual state and how this affects overall health.

But how do you correctly interpret the health map? In this article, we will not only explain how to conduct an analysis but also fully break down an example health map!

Health Map: Interpretation Algorithm

To analyze the health map, it is necessary to see the connection between the chakras and the points of “physical”, “energy”, and “emotional”. The card in the physical point will tell about the physical aspect of health and how certain behaviors can influence it.

The card in the energy point will explain what actions and behaviors can lead to a deterioration in moral well-being, and by analyzing the card in the emotional point, you will receive general recommendations on maintaining your health in good condition.

Algorithm for analyzing the chakras in the health map:

  1. Analyze the positive and negative aspects of the card in the physical point. If you behave according to the negative manifestation of your card, illnesses will start to appear. To overcome ailments, it is enough to convert the energy to the positive side.
  2. Consider different manifestations of the card in the energy point. If a person is not resourceful, they will constantly be in imbalance with themselves. Once the energy is positive, the person will feel a surge of energy.
  3. To get a final recommendation on the chakra, it is necessary to interpret the energy in the emotional point.

Health Map: Example Breakdown

The algorithm for analyzing the health map may seem a bit unclear, so we suggest reinforcing the theory with practice and breaking down the health map of a girl born on March 23, 1997:

Health Map: Interpretation Algorithm

Health Map – Sahasrara: 5-3-8

Physical (5). If the girl behaves overly conservatively, preaching to everyone and dictating what to do, she may start experiencing frequent headaches. To prevent this, she needs to develop her oratory skills and delicately display leadership qualities.

Energy (3). Attempting to suppress male energy and over-controlling may lead her to view the world through a lens of illusion, missing important details around her. To avoid this, she needs to learn to express her feminine energy.

Emotions (8). The girl needs to be more straightforward and not look for meaning where there is none.

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Health Map – Ajna: 15-11-8

Physical (15). Aggressiveness and temptations can lead to a deterioration in the physical condition of the eyes, ears, and nose. Therefore, the girl should give up all bad habits.

Energy (11). If the girl overworks and maintains an aggressive attitude, she may start experiencing migraines and poor intuition. To fix this, she needs to regularly give herself a break.

Emotions (8). It is recommended to look at the world more globally and not impose her point of view.

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Health Map – Vishuddha: 10-8-18

Physical (10). If the girl has many fears and her routine is full of laziness, she may start having problems with her throat and thyroid gland. However, if she learns to go with the flow and enjoy life, such ailments can be eliminated.

Energy (8). The girl should not be too proud or judge people for having different opinions from her own, as this can lead to difficulties in expressing her thoughts and manifest shyness.

Emotions (18). She should listen to her heart and remember that life works on the principle of karma.

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Health Map – Anahata: 15-13-10

Physical (15). The girl may have heart and respiratory system problems if she lets the 15th energy take control. This can also negatively affect romantic relationships, so she needs to learn to display her sharpmind and attractiveness.

Energy (13). If the girl behaves too aggressively, abruptly, and with fears, she will constantly feel heaviness in her heart and sadness. To eliminate such side effects of the Death card, she needs to learn to find joy in every day.

Emotions (10). The girl needs to strive for an active lifestyle and live for pleasure, not fear.

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Health Map – Manipura: 5-5-10

Physical + Energy (5). The girl has the same card in both the physical and energy points, which significantly simplifies the work on the Manipura chakra. Firstly, she should ensure that her energy is always resourceful and not exhibiting negative qualities: categoricity, egocentrism, overconfidence, nervousness.

Otherwise, she may start experiencing gastrointestinal problems (due to the influence of the negative 5th card), as well as persistent fear and guilt. Ultimately, she may also have trouble achieving her goals.

It is necessary to learn to display her authority tactfully and educate people instead of preaching to them.

Emotions (10). She should not worry excessively about what awaits, as sometimes it is necessary to let fate and time put everything in its place.

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Health Map – Svadhisthana: 13-21-7

Physical (13). The presence of a “bouquet of fears” will severely limit the girl and negatively affect the excretory organs. If she learns to let go of people from the past, this problem can be eliminated.

Energy (21). The girl’s categorical and militant attitude can lead to an even stronger sense of dissatisfaction, anger, and envy.

Emotions (7). It is recommended for the girl to learn to control her emotions and adapt to teamwork.

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Health Map – Muladhara: 18-16-6

Physical (18). The 8th card often finds itself in situations where it is treated unfairly. The girl needs to work on this energy to avoid reproductive system issues.

Energy (16). If the girl carries destructive energy and excessively displays aggression, she will have a tendency to not complete tasks, exhibit selfishness, and give up at the first failure.

Emotions (6). She should not cling to the past and try to return it; it is better to focus on the present and make new acquaintances.

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Overall Energy Field 8-14-13 — Conclusion

General recommendations for the girl:

  • She needs to look at the world more simply and on a larger scale.
  • She should not be afraid to set goals and pursue them to the end.
  • The girl should ensure that her soul is balanced.
  • She needs to follow the “golden mean” rule.
  • The girl needs to be brave and face her fears.

This is how the health map is interpreted.