Matrix of Destiny (22 Arcana): How to Attract Love and Improve Relationships

Matrix of Destiny (22 Arcana): How to Attract Love and Improve Relationships

Taking a step towards a bright future is easy! The Matrix of Destiny can help. To understand your compatibility with a partner, identify family tasks, and find happiness, all you need is a birth date. It can reveal many interesting and, most importantly, useful things. Besides material opportunities, creative abilities, and the true goals of the soul on Earth, numbers will uncover the secrets of love bonds.

The potential of relationships will be revealed through the decoding of the Matrix of Destiny — compatibility and its analysis will give precise answers to the questions asked. You can check how harmonious you are with your partner using our online calculator.

Matrix of Destiny, love and relationships

How the Matrix of Destiny Helps Attract Love

The main purpose of the Matrix of Destiny method is to identify the debt of destiny, family difficulties, and to address the question of romantic relationships and relationships between children and parents. Love bonds are formed against the background of qualities and reactions instilled by parents, making childhood the most important stage of growth and personality formation.

The Matrix of Destiny allows you to check your compatibility with a chosen one and track the love line. The system includes points that indicate how to build happy relationships and be on the same wavelength with your loved one.

How to View the Love Line in the Matrix of Destiny

The Matrix of Destiny provides an individual love analysis with a clear vision of possible relationship development options in the future and recommendations that will facilitate the choice of a life partner, making it more conscious.

There are different calculation methods that help experts obtain accurate results. For example, let’s take a traditional approach and consider the line of feelings.

How to Determine a Partner in the Matrix of Destiny

Of particular interest is the chakra Svadhisthana, which indicates a special and worthy chosen one. Three positions at the energy center are responsible for the following areas:

  1. The first describes the thinking of a suitable chosen one, your level of openness and candor, and your emotional state next to them.
  2. The second provides an idea of their appearance and indicates the likely place of meeting.
  3. The third highlights the negative and destructive aspects of the relationship, the sides that will irritate and provoke you.

You can calculate and study the detailed representation of these three positions in your personal Matrix. By exploring the basic positions of the program, you can clearly formulate your needs and wishes regarding the requirements for your partner. This scheme is accurate, in-demand, and popular nowadays, gaining momentum among users. Life is incredibly complicated, and sometimes it’s hard to understand even your own emotions, prioritize correctly, and distinguish “the destined one from the disguised one.”

Society is more focused on making money and rarely listens to the signals of the soul. The Matrix of Destiny will establish a connection with the sacred world of the subconscious, guide you to your own “Self,” help you hear and understand your true needs, and show you the path to great achievements.

What Blocks the Building of Relationships

Critical positions of the Arcana in the Matrix of Destiny method suppress harmony and romance. It works like a whole organism — if there is a failure somewhere, the whole system begins to collapse. You can’t overlook something or overdo it in another area; there must be a balance. Simply put: to successfully turn one thing, you must not sink in another.

Before building romantic feelings, make sure you do not ignore or block the basic needs, namely:

  • self-love;
  • healthy self-esteem, as well as the ability to defend personal boundaries;
  • visualization, the vision of ideal relationships and a partner.

The personality must work on itself, try not to miss the signs of the Universe, not be afraid to move forward and take responsibility, and fight its own provocations. Otherwise, negative energy will invade love relationships.

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Understand, we choose the person we will spend our life with, and only we are responsible for it.

If a woman has no problems with self-esteem, she will never allow bad treatment towards her. A self-aware individual drives out negativity from their space, not allowing parasitic individuals to be in their personal biofield. You can’t become a man’s mother and force him to change.

Who do you want to see as your partner? Answer this question honestly. There is no need to endure and play the victim to avoid being alone. Do not fear changes and seek someone who fully satisfies you morally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Matrix of Compatibility Online

You can calculate the Matrix of Compatibility on your own using the calculator or consult a professional numerologist. It is interesting and unique in that it can be analyzed not only with a husband, potential boyfriend , or lover but also with any person of interest.

The Matrix of Compatibility explains in detail the mission of the couple, joint goals and tasks, reveals financial opportunities, and warns about difficult moments that may arise in the present and future.