Matrix of Destiny: How to Build Perfect Relationships (14)

Matrix of Destiny: How to Build Perfect Relationships (14)

The Matrix of Destiny will help you discover compatibility with your chosen one, identify key family issues, and improve your life more easily than it seems. The birth date, which forms the basis of the Matrix of Destiny calculations, can reveal a lot about a person, uncover financial opportunities, mission on Earth, talents, and show hidden love potential. 

You can explore the line of your personal life based on your birth date using the Matrix of Destiny analysis, which is built on the energies of the arcanes, numerology, and Tarot. With the help of the virtual calculator, you can do this in a few clicks.

How the Matrix of Destiny Helps Attract Love

The online service Matrix of Destiny provides decoding of key tasks needed to solve family issues. It helps build relationships between parents and children and make necessary adjustments to romantic plans. 

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Matrix of Destiny: How to Build Perfect Relationships

In the Matrix of Destiny, there is a love line and several other points responsible for events in personal life. If you have already met your beloved, you can check your compatibility, work through problematic moments to make the union harmonious and follow the best scenario. 

How to View the Love Line in the Matrix of Destiny 

A personal love reading is created based on the birth date using a matrix calculator. A special individual forecast is calculated by professionals using several schools and systems. Let’s consider an example of a love diagonal. 

How to Determine a Partner Using the Matrix of Destiny Method

First, in the Matrix of Destiny of your chosen one, familiarize yourself with the three positions of the Svadhisthana chakra. They will tell you about the suitable companion or young man.

  • First position — thoughts of the ideal lover. Feelings, emotions, level of your trust and openness.
  • Second position — appearance and approximate location of the meeting.
  • Third position — provocations that will push for discord, irritating moments. 

The detailed characteristics of the positions are described in the Matrix of Destiny with a thorough decoding, so use the calculator and get a lot of interesting details. By studying the details, the picture will come together. If you have long dreamed of love, you will understand exactly who you need to look for. 

The Matrix of Destiny is a method that has gained popularity, widespread adoption, and naturally integrated into modern reality. The incredible amount of information that passes through us is difficult to filter, but the Matrix helps distinguish true needs from imposed societal stamps. Moreover, many of us focus on material benefits, completely forgetting about the spiritual side of existence. Look at this method as a tool for self-discovery — it helps open new paths and not lose the true “I”. 

What Blocks Relationship Building 

In the Matrix of Destiny, you can see red positions that indicate destruction. The unified mechanism must function correctly and evenly, without deviations. Excesses lead to system collapse. To not block one area of activity, you must not neglect the other, not go into the negative. Therefore, sectors should be balanced for full harmonization of joint life. 

Working on relationships requires serious preparation and knowledge of basic needs, such as: 

  • it is important to love yourself;
  • have healthy self-esteem and not allow boundaries to be contaminated;
  • clear understanding of what feelings, emotions, needs you want to experience with your loved one.

Each of us must work hard on ourselves and improve, thoroughly studying our own desires, not being afraid of responsibility. When personal characteristics are understood, people stop falling for provocations, do not drive arcanes into the negative. Acceptance of these facts will save from unconscious actions that lead to irreversible losses. 

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What Blocks Relationship Building 

Take responsibility for choosing a partner. Only you decide who is worthy to be around. A self-respecting, self-sufficient person will not allow negativity in their address. The energy of acceptance and self-love will remove anyone who doubts your significance from your biofield. You should not take on parental obligations trying to re-educate someone, as equal partnership is important in a union. 

A conscious person does not take on the role of a victim, does not follow the path of a martyr, does not tolerate inappropriate behavior, arguing that it is necessary, everyone goes through this, etc. It is quite realistic to choose a worthy chosen one who will fully satisfy all needs and expectations. Just understand who exactly you need. 

How Energies Are Revealed in People with Certain Arcanes According to the Matrix of Destiny 

The 9th arcane of love indicates that its representatives choose old friends for partnership or wise people. The age difference does not matter. Acquaintances are likely in places where it is possible to reveal intellectual abilities. 

The nine, combined with the six and eighteen on red love sections, may idealize the search for a partner. Looking for a prince will complicate things, as it is not easy to find the perfect person. Thearcane holder is fixated on the appearance and characteristics of others, but usually does not meet these criteria themselves. It is important to understand what you can personally give in return, as the list of requests is huge, but the personal contribution leaves much to be desired. It is necessary to demand and desire within the limits of your own compliance.

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How Energies Are Revealed in People with Certain Arcanes According to the Matrix of Destiny

Six — energy of love, and eighteen — designation of the Moon. In this example, you can see the opposite provocation, when a person’s mind is overshadowed by illusions and pushes for an early marriage. The person cannot understand that they are attracted by the beautiful wrapper in the form of a bright type, exciting promises, and passionate sex. Such a union leads to disappointment and late awakening, which will indicate a complete difference in interests. 

It is necessary to discuss plans for cohabitation, views on values, having children and their upbringing. Those who dream of early family expansion and those who categorically reject this possibility will not be able to coexist. In this case, the main task is to learn not to succumb to emotions. Engage your mind, analyze the probability of compatibility. Beautiful words, neat appearance — this is not what long-term joint future is tied to. 

To Sum Up 

Life is short to create the appearance of happiness. By letting go of fears and illusions, you need to build your destiny. Do not cling to relationships that do not bring good. The financial line is located above the love line, which means that the success and material prosperity of the marriage depend on well-being. Change your life with the help of the Matrix of Destiny!