Matrix of Destiny (22 Arcana): Decoding the Health Chart

Matrix of Destiny (22 Arcana): Decoding the Health Chart

And what does the Matrix of Destiny have to do with it? At certain moments, it seems that life is full of opportunities, but everyone has their own inclinations and talents, as well as their personal health potential. If you have problems with the latter factor of well-being, a special method of calculations at the intersection of Tarot, numerology, and astrology — the Matrix of Destiny — will help clarify their causes. It allows you to find the key to an ideal happy life, accessible to everyone, for example, by calculating a person’s health status and what they are capable of.

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Matrix of Destiny: Decoding the Health Chart

How to Calculate the Health Chart Using the Matrix of Destiny Method

To start calculating the layout, use our online Matrix of Destiny calculator. For this, you will need to know the day, month, year of birth, name, and gender. The service will provide a person’s health chart without the need for special decoding.

Decoding the Health Chart in the Matrix of Destiny Method

If you look at the diagonal square of destiny, there are 3 chakras along the Line of Heaven and Earth. These include the crown, root, and solar plexus chakras. Since the latter is at the intersection of the Heaven and Earth lines, it can be attributed to both. What is related to Heaven affects the soul, and what is related to Earth affects the body.

Let’s take an imaginary example in which the following energy is obtained:

  • Line of Heaven — root — 6, solar plexus — 12, crown — 8.
  • Line of Earth — root — 21, solar plexus — 12, crown — 22.

The health chart reveals the causes of illness and suggests why it arises. If you decode the energy given by the chakras, you can draw conclusions about how a negative attitude towards the world can affect health and lead a person to illness. For example, let’s analyze each chakra.

Root Chakra — 21-6-9

It is responsible for the overall physical strength of a person, muscles, endurance, corresponding to the energy of Mars. Each number shows the following values:

  • 21 — fear of the future, concerns related to the world in general;
  • 6 — a desire to receive love without giving anything in return;
  • 9 — loneliness that provokes stress.

This combination of personal qualities leads to material difficulties, the need to survive in the world, and not live a full and happy life.

This state of mind can lead to the following diseases:

  • Soul: insecurity, selfishness, and suicidal tendencies.
  • Body: anemia, reproductive health problems, leg conditions, and more.
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Sacral Chakra — 6-18-6

It is associated with sexual energy, attraction, reproductive and urinary systems. The above combination of indicators leads to the following problems:

  • 6 — illusions, loneliness caused by the search for the perfect partner;
  • 18 — unwillingness to accept the existing option, unrealistic demands on the chosen one.

This combination affects health as follows:

  • Soul: quick-tempered, jealousy, aggressiveness, and anger.
  • Body: diseases of the urinary system, problems with the lower spine, ovarian diseases, and frigidity.

The consequence is a reluctance to build relationships, constant dissatisfaction, feeling broken, and problems in the sexual sphere.

Solar Plexus Chakra — 12-12-6

It is responsible for a person’s willpower, perseverance, strength of character, and ability to achieve goals. In addition, the solar plexus is directly related to the functioning of the digestive organs, pancreas, liver, and kidneys. This combination implies the following character traits:

  • 12 — energy drain due to a strong desire to help everyone, even when it is unnecessary;
  • 6 — constant procrastination, waiting for an ideal.

All of the above leads to the following health problems:

  • Soul: guilt, excessive expectations from the world, fear, irritability, tension.
  • Body: gastrointestinal diseases, adrenal gland disorders, intestinal disorders, diabetes, obesity.

This can lead to difficulty in achieving goals due to a lack of willpower, perseverance, and strength of character.

Heart Chakra — 19-5-6

It is responsible for kindness and compassion. Such matrix indicators give the following values:

  • 5 — a personbegins to feel that others are living incorrectly, instead of giving them knowledge and skills;
  • 19 — this number shows that the individual has a tendency towards self-criticism and dissatisfaction with themselves;
  • 6 — waiting for an ideal life in the future.

All of the above often leads to the following problems:

  • Soul: introversion, passivity, depression, and melancholy.
  • Body: lung diseases and heart diseases.

As a result, a person loses the joy of life and begins to experience an acute lack of love, happiness, and joy. This can result in a feeling of heaviness in the heart.

Throat Chakra — 7-20-9

It is responsible for the ability to communicate and establish contacts with people. Here is how the following matrix indicators manifest in it:

  • 7 — militancy, categoricity, a too sharp division of the world into black and white, good and evil;
  • 20 — difficulties in communicating with others, including relatives and parents;
  • 9 — pessimism, despair, misunderstanding of others.

As a result, the following health problems may arise:

  • Soul: shyness, inability to express thoughts, speech disorders, and the sensation of a “lump in the throat”.
  • Body: throat, lower jaw, thyroid gland diseases.

As a result, it is difficult for a person to express their thoughts, assert themselves, speak loudly in public, and be in the spotlight.

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Third Eye Chakra — 11-10-21

It is responsible for intuition, the ability to foresee events, and possess the gift of clairvoyance. In addition, it shows a person’s realization of global projects and breakthroughs. This matrix demonstrates:

  • 11 — aggressiveness, perceiving the world as a battlefield;
  • 10 — situations where a person deals with others’ interests rather than their own;
  • 21 — fears of large projects, global self-realization.

The result of such a combination of energies is:

  • Soul: dizziness, headaches, inability to fully enjoy life.
  • Body: vision impairment, problems with hearing, smell, eye, ear, and nose conditions.

As a result, intuition, understanding of causality, and the ability to see cause-and-effect relationships are blocked.

Crown Chakra — 22-8-3

It is responsible for the divine essence in a person, their ability to deeply understand the world, and comprehend their experience in the spiritual sphere. This matrix reveals the following indicators:

  • 22 — beliefs that limit a person’s spiritual sphere;
  • 8 — striving for justice;
  • 3 — evaluating people by their material status, fulfilling the needs of the body rather than the soul.

The result of the combination is the following problems:

  • Soul: psychoses, depressions, escaping from reality.
  • Body: cerebrovascular disorders, scalp diseases, gradual development of paralysis.

All of the above leads to the fact that the person does not understand the divine essence of things, cannot find themselves and their destiny, reveal their talent, and serve people.


The Matrix of Destiny can display the inherent combinations of energy in our chakras. To get rid of mental and physical illnesses, use the online calculator, which provides a detailed decoding of the health chart using the Matrix of Destiny method. It is compiled by a professional numerologist, helping to qualitatively change your life.