Matrix of Destiny (22): What is the Money Channel?

Matrix of Destiny (22): What is the Money Channel?

The Money Channel in the Matrix of Destiny method. Each of us strives to improve our quality of life, have a high income, and engage in work we love. In the Matrix of Destiny, the line of money is responsible for finances, answering questions such as: which profession to choose, how to achieve set goals, and in what area I will succeed, attaining material freedom and wealth.

Realizing one’s potential is the key to a successful life. Through the numerological method of the Matrix of Destiny, you can trace the path of money. The main thing is to correctly interpret the meanings, which our online calculator can help with.

Matrix of Destiny and the Line of Money
What is the Money Channel in the Matrix of Destiny

Where is the Financial Line in the Matrix of Destiny Method?

The money channel in the Matrix of Destiny method is located in the area of the Svadhisthana chakra. All energies play an important role, but the most significant is the entry point. It is located above the others and allows you to understand which area of activity to choose for the main income. The composition of energies can be assessed by the value of the numbers in the money arcana. If they are negative, wealth and prosperity will be elusive, but this can be corrected.

The second energy is responsible for the type of activity. The arcana at the bottom of the money channel influences factors that block thinking. This energy is often negative. Therefore, it is important to unblock the money flow to elevate the line of money to a high-income level.

How to Calculate the Financial Energy Center in the Matrix of Destiny

To calculate the financial channel, you need to know the day, month, and year of birth. To simplify the task, we suggest using our convenient calculator. Enter your data into the special form, for example, 29.08.1987. After clicking the “Calculate” button, you will receive a detailed analysis of the octogram of the Matrix of Destiny, including the financial zone.

How to Interpret the Financial Channel

Everyone can face financial difficulties, but there is a way out. The Matrix of Destiny allows you to adjust the income channel and help find a personal way to solve financial problems. Thanks to the Major Arcana, you can choose a money-making profession and activate your own material resources.

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Interpretation of energies (excluding 1 and 2, which are never used on this line):

  • Arcana 3 (Empress) — a card symbolizing the joys of earthly life and fertility. With proper activation, a person can organize business, manage others, and even lead nations.
  • Arcana 4 (Emperor) — allows for establishing business contacts freely. Money comes through communication with partners, negotiating skills, and joint business ventures.
  • Arcana 5 (Hierophant) — the spiritual sphere and new knowledge help to get rich by developing oneself and directing energy towards self-education. Unblocking the channel helps teach others, but it can be blocked by idle talk.
  • Arcana 6 (Lovers) — symbolizes a beloved activity that brings income. Those who activate the channel will leave unpleasant work and start doing what they are interested in, which will bring material resources. When the channel is blocked, work is done out of necessity for earnings.
  • Arcana 7 (Chariot) — activates the power to win. Clear goals help achieve material well-being. Only they will contribute to enrichment. If a person is aggressive towards others, the channel is blocked.
  • Arcana 8 (Justice) — rationality, balance. If the channel’s energy is open, the individual sees the logic between cause and effect, understands the paths to money. When blocked, loans, debts, and financial difficulties arise. If the energy stops working, the person does not see the causes and consequences of life’s events, their own and others’ actions.
  • Arcana 9 (Hermit) — material enrichment through wisdom. Knowledge and efforts, including scientific works, will strengthen the financial position. If the energy goes negative, the person despises those who are less intelligent and lower in social status. Such actions result in a blockage, preventing financial independence.
  • <a href=”” data-type=”URL” data-id=””>Arcana 10 (Wheel of Fortune) — helps to easily obtain money without much effort. People with open energy can quickly get rich without doing much. The channel can be activated by a light attitude towards life, even to unpleasant moments, flexibility, and adaptability.
  • Arcana 11 (Strength) — achievements come as a result of hard work and dedication. Money will come through persistence, strength, and willpower. This channel is blocked only by illness, which drains strength and nerves.
  • Arcana 12 (Hanged Man) — a comfortable life is achieved through unconventional creative thinking. Such people earn based on their abilities, but they are not always appreciated. They cannot present themselves properly and receive generous rewards for their work. They should improve their self-esteem. The energy of the channel is blocked by feeling like a victim of circumstances.
  • Arcana 13 (Death) — a card of upheavals and changes. Difficulties and fatal circumstances force a person to work more, often their activities are associated with danger. If they resist changes, a state of stagnation arises.
  • Arcana 14 (Temperance) — work in pleasure brings material income, allowing for moderate earnings. Despite this, life becomes interesting and bright, filled with emotions and events.
  • Arcana 15 (Devil) — a symbol of temptations and base instincts. Warns against earning money dishonestly or illegally. The channel’s energy is blocked by pride and arrogance.
  • Arcana 16 (Tower) — represents strong and destructive changes, several changes of profession and field of activity.
  • Arcana 17 (Star) — creativity and stardom will contribute to success. Such people can not only be considered celebrities but also earn money through fame and what they are interested in. They present themselves beautifully in any situation and know how to enjoy life.
  • Arcana 18 (Moon) — money comes through dreams and visions. People with an active moon channel gain resources through strange and unusual professions. If the energy is blocked, the person becomes too rational and often feels bored.
  • Arcana 19 (Sun) — an excellent channel allowing to earn money through the power of persuasion, talent, and personal magnetism. Such people easily become leaders, building their own well-being not without the help of others. Natural abilities help achieve success and material prosperity.
  • Arcana 20 (Judgment) — the energy of this money flow is blocked due to wrong attitudes given by parents. If they can be eliminated and worked through, there will be chances to improve life. Sometimes the card suggests recalling old skills that can help enrich. If the arcana’s energy is not worked through, negative attitudes will hinder future successes.
  • Arcana 21 (World) — prosperity will come through high goals and fame. The channel’s energy is activated by global desires, the pursuit of fame, and large sums of money. If a person shows fear and doubts themselves, they stop acting.
  • Arcana 22 (Fool) — a card of freedom and unconventional thinking. Those who earn money will find an unusual way to please themselves. They need creative freedom, unconventional paths to financial well-being, and luck.

Please note, to find the most suitable profitable profession, it is necessary to analyze all values using the Matrix of Destiny method with the help of our calculator.

How to Work on the Financial Sphere

When a person sees that they cannot earn as much as they want, one of the arcana is closed and needs activation. To start the money flow, it is important to decipher the Matrix of Destiny and eliminate blockages. Once you open access to new ways of earning, poverty will disappear, and you will be able to get more than you expect from yourself.

For example, individuals with leader energy can only succeed in managerial positions. When pursued by a series of failures, they need to shed the role of a subordinate. It is time to pave new paths for development and start their own business. A person with creative arcana confines themselves to narrow limits by choosing a standard profession. For comfort and self-realization, they need to explore a new direction and unlock their potential.