What life does the soul live: The Matrix of Destiny and reincarnation (12)

What life does the soul live: The Matrix of Destiny and reincarnation (12)

What life does the soul live and what role does the Matrix of Destiny play in it? Many people have experienced the feeling of “déjà vu” or recognize places they’ve never been to before. Even world-renowned scientists cannot explain the phenomenon of déjà vu. They consider it to be genetic memory, but there is an interesting theory.

If a person recalls something they have never seen, they might have been there in a past reincarnation. Some believe the soul has 9 lives, others insist on 15. The “Eastern Bowl” theory suggests that each of us has 350 earthly incarnations. There are even those who are convinced of 777 arrivals in the world. While there is no consensus on this issue, there are several ways to uncover the mystery of the past and understand one’s karmic task. The Matrix of Destiny is considered one of them.

Our online calculator will tell you the arrival of a person into the world and their tasks if you enter the name, gender, and date of birth into the special field.

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What life does the soul live: The Matrix of Destiny and reincarnation

How to find out your incarnation – online calculation by the Matrix of Destiny

There are several theories about who a person was in a past life and how many incarnations they have gone through. They differ in their approaches to decoding information, but in the latter case, the most popular option is the special calculator of the Matrix of Destiny. As mentioned, to use it, you need a name, gender, and date of birth.

The system is based on a combination of several esoteric traditions, including numerology, astrology, Tarot, and psychology. The calculator helps to identify the main sources of problems that a person cannot cope with and to reveal the higher purpose of the soul. 

In addition to the calculator, there are special techniques that help a person recall their past incarnations. These include meditations that reveal information from above, transcendental practices, and hypnosis.

Decoding karma in the Matrix of Destiny

When using the calculator, a special octagram is built, below which there is a decoding with the addition of numerologists’ advice on managing energies and solving specific issues. You can try calculating the Matrix of Destiny for free, but with limited functionality. Access can be expanded by subscribing.

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How to find out your incarnation – online calculation by the Matrix of Destiny

What is the law of karma in the Matrix of Destiny

This is the name given to the energy that occurs in action and knowledge. Each soul, reincarnating, inherits a certain karma, which is balanced throughout all of a person’s reincarnations.

A person is never perfect and makes actions that must then be balanced. Rebirth helps to correct negative karma, giving a chance to start life anew, transforming negative energies into positive ones.

  • According to the law of karma, all actions in earthly life, attitudes, and deeds are passed on to future generations in the family. At the same time, everyone chooses what kind of person to be. Sometimes even one incarnation is not enough to cleanse oneself of the negativity committed earlier. It may take several births and deaths to cleanse oneself of negative karma.
  • Souls cannot be called good or bad. They are equally pure, like a blank sheet of paper. As soon as a person begins to make independent choices, all their actions are karmically recorded, forming a positive or negative Matrix of Destiny.

There are many different theories about how a person corrects sins or pays for them. Evil and good must be equivalent. For example, if a person scolded someone, they must praise them. Stole? Make a gift or help another without taking money for it.

The gravest sin is considered to be murder. In the subsequent reincarnation, the one who committed it will have to give life in return for the soul they once took. For example, a person who was an executioner in the past becomes a doctor in the intensive care unit and saves dozens of people from death. 

How many lives does the soul live

What life does the soul live? According to Pythagoras, a person comes to Earth 15 times. After that, their soul moves to other realms or becomes an animal or plant. At the same time, it can have one or several hundred or even thousands of reincarnations, often appearing once a century. Sometimes it remains in a bodiless state. This usually happens when a century or 40 years have passed. 

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How many lives does thesoul live

Underdeveloped souls do not enter the world to find new places for themselves. The main principle of the Universe is love and freedom. They cannot exist separately from each other as they are one. They form harmony, which allows a person to be prosperous. The essence of God is not only Love but the Four Principles of Creation. They are called Divine qualities and include:

  1. Abundance.
  2. Health.
  3. Love.
  4. Creativity.

Souls filled with Divine qualities live by their nature. New experiences help a person understand their essence and become happy. This is the main mission of the soul’s arrival in this world. If an individual does not realize these qualities, they accumulate negative karma that will have to be worked out in other incarnations.

To be happy and in harmony with the Universe, it is important not to deviate from the world of Love, engage in Creativity, accumulate Abundance, Health, and well-being. These help to radiate the energy of light in the karmic incarnation, which will bring joy in future lives.

Those who did not fulfill their tasks in the past life, blocked Creativity, were not filled with Love, and wished evil to all, will face troubles and trials.

Online calculator Matrix of Destiny: discover your karmic tasks

The online Matrix of Destiny helps to learn a lot about your inner world. For uncovering the secrets of numerology, knowledge, reading literature, and detailed consultation are important. It allows you to determine the meaning of symbols, reveal the tasks of the soul, and much more. With our service, you have the opportunity to bypass long years of study and get a decoding of incarnations in just a few minutes.