Matrix of Destiny: Programs of the Personal and Ancestral Square Corners (22)

Matrix of Destiny: Programs of the Personal and Ancestral Square Corners (22)

Specific complexes of energies in characteristic areas of the matrix are called programs. They can cover various areas of human activity (finance, relationships, physical condition). There are up to 22 of them, and each arcana influences a person’s life in its own way. To calculate the Destiny Matrix, learn about karmic tails, ways of self-realization, and achieving set goals, use our calculator, but first, read the article to the end.

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Matrix of Destiny: Programs of the Personal and Ancestral Square Corners

Parent-Child Karma in the Matrix of Destiny

It is worth starting the examination of the Matrix of Destiny corners with the date of birth. This combination of energies is considered parent-child karma.

  • First of all, by paying attention to information about energies, we learn the qualities of the personality’s temperament. This is a person’s potential, which allows them to show their essence in the physical environment, use hidden abilities, and reduce the impact of negative energy from past reincarnations. This program also includes traits based on relationships with children or parents, which is evident from its name.
  • Deciphering the Matrix of Destiny requires focusing on the clear expression of energy, as well as on the abilities the personality possesses, that is, the ability to read programs from a positive perspective. Thus, even if there is specific information that the individual does not inherently use their energy positively, it is necessary to orient in its manifestations. This data helps understand behavioral patterns under different conditions.

Positive and negative personality traits are often mixed in different proportions.

Spiritual and Creative Karma in the Matrix of Destiny

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Spiritual or spiritual-creative karma is a triad of energies in the upper corner of the diagonal square (the month of birth is also considered). It provides information about a person’s creative abilities and their ways of contacting supernatural forces. A person can tune all areas of activity in the most acceptable way by activating their hidden abilities.

In the right corner of the diagonal square, there is a number that symbolizes the energy of the birth year. This program is defined as health or financial karma. It explains many processes, and in the simplest decoding, its qualities influence a specific type of activity.

The last key in the diagonal square is the negative karma of past reincarnations. This parameter represents information about the number of trials and warning signs in a person’s life. Simply put, such karma in the Matrix of Destiny can be decoded as a “tail,” which means carrying unresolved goals and achievements into the current existence.

Ancestral Spiritual Karma in the Matrix of Destiny

Let’s explore the ancestral square. The upper corners are occupied by three digits that show information about the accumulation of moral qualities of a specific lineage: the father’s or mother’s line. This position is characterized as the Spiritual karma of the paternal or maternal line. This ancestral program in the Matrix of Destiny explains the moral level problems that were not resolved in the lineage.

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In an undefined number of generations, energies are displayed negatively. It is essential to understand that they cannot be inherently good or bad. Only in the hands of a person does the influence of arcana take shape. At the genetic level, a person receives the ability to use this parameter negatively. However, by making efforts and understanding the essence of the matter, even negative programs can be turned into positive opportunities, a gift.

Material Ancestral Karma in the Matrix of Destiny — Money Line

The lower corners of the ancestral square show the Material karma of the paternal and maternal lines. They reflect the tendency received from predecessors towards specific negative manifestations. This applies to members of the lineage and directly to the owner of the Matrix. As with the previous ancestral karma, there is a possibility of transitioning to positive action, benefiting the individual, but in financial terms.

In the concept of the Matrix of Destiny, the lineage indicates the parameters that its members could not resolve. Therefore, the energies of these parameters cannot be positive. The father and mother, who are considered the closest family members among predecessors, will also possess negative qualities. This was the case at the time of the birth of new life.

Obviously, negative ancestral settings can easily be translated into positive innate abilities. But considering the situation where parents had no desire to improve their spiritual state, the programs remain the same for both them and the child. To direct karma in a positive direction independently, without parental help, it is necessary to decode the Matrix of Destiny and work through the negative energies.

How to Read the Matrix of Destiny Chart

Not everyone can decode and study the chart without external help. This process requires knowledge in numerology, the ability to navigate chakras, and understanding of arcana. It is necessary to correctly compile the Matrix scheme if you want to get an accurate calculation and decoding. Therefore, we recommend seeking help from our calculator with detailed interpretation.

Decoding by Date of Birth in the Matrix of Destiny

For self-calculation, you will need the personal data of the individual being studied. At the end of the work, a complete picture of the personality according to the Matrix of Destiny will be presented. Note that to test the capabilities of our calculator, you can use it for free, but in a limited version. Full functionality becomes available after subscribing.