Matrix of Fate: Decoding and Description of the System (1)

Matrix of Fate: Decoding and Description of the System (1)

The Matrix of Fate is a method of understanding that includes numerology (the meaning of numbers), astrology (characteristics of the path), and Tarot (study of energies). It’s not enough to perform the calculation on your own; ideally, the system should be activated by a master who verbally communicates the results or presents them in writing.

This method of self-discovery can help you learn and allow yourself more, expand financial opportunities, find happiness, discover a partner and your destiny — the Matrix of Fate provides an opportunity to significantly improve your life.

What the Matrix of Fate Looks Like: Scheme and Interpretation

After making calculations on our virtual calculator, you will see a simple octogram: the base is a square with a diamond at the top. Decoding is done based on the date of birth. For a self-analysis, take a piece of paper and draw a square within a square. Simple mathematical calculations will help you correctly fill the corners and write in the energies on which the individual analysis of a person is based. Esotericists have recognized the Matrix of Fate as a unique mechanism of improvement and self-discovery, so it is worth using at least once in a lifetime.

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Matrix of Fate: Decoding

Let’s discuss all the points of the Matrix of Fate in more detail using the date June 25, 1985 (use this example for your own calculation):

  • The main square has the same appearance as the ancestral one. The numbers on the diagonals of both halves are the gifts and ancestral tasks.
  • The diamond is the personal square. The inner horizontal line represents the Earth. Its forces are directed towards material wealth, skills, and personality development. The vertical side represents the Sky.
  • Large bright circles are the most important energies.
  • Purple shapes represent what needs to be worked on. This exists from the moment of birth and is always positive.
  • Red dots are difficult karmic tasks that were impossible in past incarnations. They need to be worked through.
  • The yellow circle is the comfort zone that should not be left. It fills you with resources for advancement and prosperity.

Note! The online calculator automatically performs not only calculations but also decoding based on the knowledge of a numerologist.

Energies of the Matrix of Fate: Description of Each

The force that determines possibilities and areas of activity in the Matrix of Fate method is one’s own basic energy, which leads through life as a foundation.

  • The potential must be balanced, as it opens new opportunities, directs towards the path of physical realization stabilization, creates us as individuals, and provides advantageous chances.
  • Three energies: financial, talent, and resourcefulness — these are the rewards for the person who came to Earth, basic positions they are born with. They always remain unchanged. It is important to understand how to use these gifts correctly, to reveal them, to know how they manifest in balance and imbalance. A person only needs to discover a couple of innate tendencies for a fulfilling life, but each person is given nine by nature. Anyone can become a genius by finding themselves.
  • Spiritual potential — the guardian’s number. If this energy is positive, the Universe and higher forces protect you, send signs, listen to your desires, and allow you to easily move towards your goals, intuitively receiving answers to significant questions. When the arcana is negative, opposite things happen — the person feels unhappy and lost, not understanding how to get out of the situation or the state of depression.

Determining the energies will help with the calculation of the Matrix of Fate.

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Energies of the Matrix of Fate: Description of Each

Spiritual Talents in the Matrix of Fate

Their essence is not in creative, athletic, or other worldly manifestations. For example, the number twenty-one represents the Peacemaker, so such people are communicative, broad-minded, non-quarrelsome, kind-hearted, and love to travel. They need to visit new countries, places, and improve the environment around them.

Entry into the Material World — Red Dot on the Earth Line

The time has come to resolve unfulfilled matters of past incarnations. If a task was insurmountable, it needs to be overcome in this earthly arrival. The action comes into effect around the age of forty, filling the bearer with power if they fulfill their personal mission.

Comfort Zone in the Matrix of Fate

This refers to one’s own power. The comfort zone point in the Matrix of Fate method shows the source of resourcefulness, joy, and inspiration. This state requires constant presence. For this reason, it is important that the energy is not traced in the karmic tail, otherwise, it will be completely blocked — unlocking requires closing the node.

Karmic Tail in the Matrix of Fate Method

Unresolved tasks follow us from previously lived lives. They must be completed by the age of forty. By familiarizing yourself with the Matrix of Fate method, you will understand what needs to be done and how to act. Our calculator will help you identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, skills, programs, fears, giving you the chance to break the burdensome knots of existence.

As long as the mission is not completed, a certain clump of energy (depending on the scale of the errors) will be beyond control.

Money Channels and Relationships in the Matrix of Fate

A romantic union is built on three energies. The one in the heart area determines the perception of the partner; it cannot be called the main one, but it helps to open up, so the couple’s relationship is harmonious, warm, comfortable, and develops in the best way.

Any number is an indicator of important aspects: weaknesses, strengths, improvements, and debts. Based on the interpretations of the Matrix of Fate, you will receive useful recommendations that, if followed, will change your life forever.