Understanding Life Cycles Through the Matrix of Fate

Understanding Life Cycles Through the Matrix of Fate. Every person experiences both good and bad phases in their life. We walk the path of life like crossing a zebra crossing. But have you ever wondered why there are bad phases in life? A logical answer would be that it is simply a pattern.

However, in reality, a bad phase is a specific cycle in life during which it is necessary to work through karmic tasks. Let’s take a closer look at the topic of life cycles and consolidate our knowledge with an example!

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Understanding Life Cycles Through the Matrix of Fate

What is a “Life Cycle”?

In esotericism, there is a concept known as the “life cycle,” which means that every soul goes through evolutionary processes during its time on Earth. In other words, we experience events from which we later learn lessons.

The life cycle helps us gain both positive and negative experiences, which is why our life resembles a zebra crossing. In esoteric philosophy, the concept of life cycles is broader, as it includes terms like karma, reincarnation, and overcoming the cycle of birth and death.

About Life Cycles and Their Connection to the Matrix of Fate

The Matrix of Fate can tell everything about a person’s destiny, character, and even predict the future. The system of the Matrix of Fate consists of zones where arcana and chakras are located. All these aspects can be in different states: positive and negative.

When a position in the matrix is in the negative, it means that it is necessary to bring it to the positive and work through the karma. Otherwise, the person will face a long period of bad luck. Once you bring an aspect to the positive, a new life cycle will open up for you. This will continue until the last days of your life, and after each karmic task is worked through, a new life cycle will begin.

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Understanding Life Cycles Through the Matrix of Fate

How to Deal with Life Cycles? – Example Analysis: A Young Man Born on 03/04/2004

Let’s consolidate our knowledge with an example:

A young man born on 03/04/2004 approached us with a request to analyze his Matrix of Fate and provide recommendations. For the second year in a row, after reaching adulthood, his life has been full of problems and seems like an endless streak of bad luck. What is the matter and what recommendations do we have for him?

First, let’s calculate the Matrix of Fate for this young man:

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Understanding Life Cycles Through the Matrix of Fate

The first thing that stands out in the analysis is the 13th Arcana of Death and the 16th Arcana of the Tower in prognostics. Currently, the young man is 19 years old, and he experienced the bitter taste of life last year, which is not surprising. The Arcana of Death signifies the destruction of the old and the opportunity to start something new. This year, he has the Arcana of the Tower, which also indicates that it is quite a “revolutionary” year.

Therefore, the current complaints about a negative life cycle and continuous bad luck can be explained by two fatal arcanas in prognostics.

Interestingly, at the age of 20, a new and bright life cycle will begin for the young man. The third Arcana of the Empress indicates that the year will be full of abundance, and the young man will be rewarded for overcoming all the challenges presented by fate.

It is also important to pay attention to the analysis of the karmic tail:

  • 13 — It is necessary to let go of all fears, not be afraid to cut ties with the past, and bring some adrenaline into life.
  • 7 — It is important to learn to suppress aggression and instead lead an active lifestyle.
  • 21 — It is essential to achieve harmony with oneself, be more prudent and serious.

Working through the karmic tail will positively influence the young man’s future and reduce the number of negative periods in his life.


In essence, “life cycles” are the good and bad phases we have to go through. To understand which direction to move in, it is worth analyzing your karmic tail to understand which tasks from past lives need to be addressed and check the prognostics using the Matrix of Fate. The main thing to remember is that after every bad phase comes a good one, so do not lose heart!