22 Arcana – Matrix of Fate: Who Should Avoid Taking Loans

22 Arcana – Matrix of Fate: Who Should Avoid Taking Loans

Matrix of Fate and Loans

Arcana Matrix of Fate: Who Should Avoid Taking Loans. Money is an essential part of human existence, associated with a wide range of emotions – both positive and negative. These feelings influence how one’s finances will work – whether they bring benefits and joy or cause troubles and negative emotions.

Achieving balance is crucial; otherwise, even the diligent accumulation of money at the expense of life’s pleasures won’t yield the desired result. The issue lies in the fact that deprivations will lead to money coming with as much difficulty as they were accumulated. If you deprive yourself of everything for the sake of money, balance will be disrupted, and such savings will be pointless. It is necessary to save money properly or invest it in a business – they must work. Experienced financial experts recommend distributing income and expenses as follows:

  • 50% – essential expenses (utilities, food, etc.).
  • 30% – spending on entertainment, clothing, dining out.
  • 20% – savings (for buying property, a car, appliances, furniture, repairs), as well as an “emergency fund,” pension, travel, etc.

By adhering to the classic 50 – 30 – 20 rule, one can save money wisely without depriving oneself and their family. However, sometimes money is simply not enough, and people might consider taking out a loan. But in some cases, this is undesirable or absolutely contraindicated.

Understanding Credit: Numerology and the Matrix of Fate Method’s Perspective on Loans

Credit, in the broadest sense, refers to any money borrowed with interest for a specific period. This includes not only bank loans for business, consumer loans, but also microloans, and money borrowed from relatives, friends, or other private individuals.

In principle, there is nothing wrong with credit. In some situations, it can even help, such as buying a home on a mortgage or leasing a car. However, life situations can change significantly, and a person might find themselves in financial bondage. Representatives of certain arcana need to be especially cautious about the idea of borrowing money – whether from a bank or a friend.

The Fifth Arcana

Those under the Fifth Arcana are prone to hoarding, but with negative energy, this can lead to clutter at home and a careless attitude towards important papers and documents.

The Fifth Arcana represents the energy of order and legality. In a positive state, it symbolizes order, but in a negative state, hoarding and any disorder cause financial stagnation. Due to the lack of funds, representatives of this arcana might want to take a loan or borrow money. People with negative Fifth energy not only carelessly handle documents but may also rebel against the requirements and rules of the financial agreement they enter. Such negligence inevitably leads to penalties and other sanctions. Therefore, if those with Fifth energy decide to take a loan, they must strictly adhere to the contract terms and repayment deadlines.

The Sixth Arcana

People with Sixth energy are also advised against taking loans. They tend to be deceived, believing the loan repayment terms are very favorable. Additionally, representatives of the Sixth Arcana are characterized by impulsiveness, emotionality, and gullibility – they easily fall for advertisements, and impulsive decisions often lead to unfortunate consequences.

The Ninth Arcana

Representatives of the Ninth energy are distinguished by asceticism and frugality. They may save not only on themselves but also on those around them. However, this leads to others saving on people of the Ninth Arcana. This is because money represents energy, and it does not tolerate stagnation. There must be an exchange of energies, and excessive frugality blocks the financial channel. Thus, the desire for strict economizing can lead to a lack of funds, resulting in a desire to compensate for the shortage of money through loans.

If a person has the Ninth and Thirteenth energies in red positions or a money line in the center, the chance of acting rashly and riskily increases, without considering dangerous consequences. Additionally, people with the Ninth Arcana are characterized by closedness and immobility. But lack of movement can be equated with lack of life because, with any immobility – physical or psychological – energies do not move, do not “flow.” If a person has the Seventh and Eleventh energies in the Matrix of Fate, and the Ninth is negative, the flow of money will be blocked. Disruption of balance always leads to problems.

The monetary egregor favors enterprising and active people. No movement – no money. This is a very simple rule that should never be forgotten.

Everything in a person’s life comes through other people. They expand consciousness, contribute to progress and development, even if it seems otherwise at first glance. One should not close off and refuse contacts.

The Tenth Arcana

For people with the Tenth Arcana, taking loans in any form is contraindicated. Their energy is luck, Fortune, and she is a capricious lady. Today there is plenty, and tomorrow there might be nothing, so representatives of the Tenth energy are recommended to have an “emergency fund.”

People of the Ninth Arcana depend on the opinions of others, so they might take loans under external pressure – from friends, advertisements, or persistent offers from banks or credit organizations. They should avoid this, even if it seems the best option for solving financial issues.

The Sixth, Seventh, Eleventh, Eighteenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-First, and Twenty-Second Arcana

Representatives of these energies would like to receive money instantly, right now. They easily ignite with the desire to acquire something, for example, to buy a desired item, go on vacation or a trip, renovate, and so on. If there is no money for this, they might be tempted by “favorable” credit offers. They are unable to calculate that the amount might be unmanageable, and the interest rates – too high, as they are intoxicated by promises and the desire to quickly get what they want.

This problem can only be dealt with through one’s own efforts. One must learn not to succumb to momentary desires and be able to weigh all the pros and cons of taking a loan. It is also important to understand whether the person wants to borrow money themselves or if this desire is imposed by others.

The Twelfth Arcana

For those with the Twelfth Arcana, it is also undesirable to borrow money, although this desire may often arise. This is due to the following traits of such people:

  • Fear of naming the true cost of their work or services. This results in a severe lack of money for anything, prompting the decision to take loans.
  • The feeling that the surrounding world undervalues the high qualities and achievements of people with Twelfth energy. Indeed, they have studied a lot, have diplomas and awards, titles and ranks, but no money. Meanwhile, people with no education but who are enterprising become quite wealthy. The Twelfth Arcana is characterized by a victim mentality.

Thinking in Soviet terms, when higher education and a diploma (preferably “red”) decided almost everything, is now completely unacceptable. Yes, in the past, it might have given certain dividends in the form of an apartment, a high position, trips abroad, a queue for a car, etc., but now this simply does not work. Nowadays, one must actively work, seek opportunities, and discover hidden talents. This will bring income, and there will be no need to fall into credit traps.

Even if a person believes there is not enough money, they should be grateful for any amount they have. This also facilitates an exchange of energies and raises vibrations, which promotes a quicker and easier flow of funds. Ingratitude is not only a sin but also a way to “block” oneself from receiving money.

The victim mentality, using phrases like “I am owed,” works only against the person. They should rely solely on themselves, their own strength, while also being grateful to those who help them, whether materially or with useful advice and guidance.

A representative of the Twelfth Arcana may have their own unique life path and method of earning money. They need to follow this path, ignoring those who unfairly criticize or baselessly claim, “you won’t succeed.” By trusting their soul, intuition, and talent, they can achieve much, including money. Thus, loans will not be necessary.

The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Arcana

For people born under these Arcana, taking loans is also not advisable. Some of them are born into wealthy families, so financial problems are not an issue for them. They should focus on spiritual development and devote maximum attention to it. If a person is not fortunate to be born to wealthy parents, their tasks are:

  • Learn to earn independently, but not make this an end goal.
  • Focus on spiritual development.

Representatives of the Fifteenth Arcana are particularly emotional, which might prompt them to rashly get into debt and take loans. This is linked to the symbol of the Fifteenth Arcana, applicable to both Tarot cards and the Matrix of Fate. It is the Devil – an embodiment of temptation, primitive instincts, dark passions, harmful addictions, weakness, fear, and the collapse of dreams. In negative energy, people of the Fifteenth Arcana may ignore societal rules and norms, not want to work, but still need money. Weakness of character can lead to a desire to take a loan, without thinking about how and with what they will repay the borrowed amounts.

The Sixteenth Arcana

In Tarot and the Matrix of Fate method, Arcana No. 16 – the Tower, symbolizes in negative energy a drive for hoarding and material goods at the expense of family and friends. A constant desire for more leads to a sharp lack of money, forcing one to take loans. Examples include people constantly in a state of renovation or frequently changing cars, furniture, and belongings, as they are never satisfied with what they have.

These material goals consume a person so much that they forget that money is also needed for leisure, entertainment, gifts for family, friends, and loved ones, as well as for spiritual values, including charity. This blocks financial flows, compelling one to incur debts. If a person corrects these mistakes, the financial channels will be unblocked, and there will be no need for loans.

The Eighteenth Arcana

People with the Eighteenth energy are prone to illusions and self-deception, often not realizing they won’t be able to repay a loan. Their important decisions are influenced by lunar cycles. During a waxing moon, there is an excess of energy, while during a waning moon, there is a feeling of being unable to cope alone, leading to the urge to borrow money. When making any crucial decisions, especially financial ones, these individuals need to consider the lunar phases. Additionally, they should have a sober and responsible advisor who can “slow down” hasty decisions and suggest the best way out of the situation.

Representatives of the Eighteenth Arcana should control their emotions and assess their capabilities with a cool head. Moreover, they might not receive money because they often do not do what they originally intended. For instance, planning to buy a computer but ending up purchasing furniture might be seen as deceiving the Universe. This is not forgiven, and repeated actions like this will block financial flows.

The Nineteenth Arcana

People with the Nineteenth energy should, like the Sun, warm and illuminate those around them. In this case, financial sources will not dry up. If there is no charity, then there is no return to be expected. Moreover, this action should come from the heart, not just because it is said in the interpretation of the Matrix of Fate.

The positive energy of the Nineteenth Arcana, the energy of the Sun, generously warms everyone around, while the negative variant brings a lack of faith in one’s strength, weakness, and internal burnout. In such a state, it is difficult to hope for significant material achievements. Representatives of the Nineteenth Arcana need to be generous and benevolent because the primary law in the Universe is the law of conservation of energy. The more you give, the more you receive. Give more, and more will return.

It is considered normal to give up to 10% of one’s income to charity. But you can start small, as long as it comes from the heart and not just because it’s supposed to be, otherwise it won’t work.

The Twenty-First and Twenty-Second Arcana

People governed by the Twenty-First and Twenty-Second Arcana should categorically avoid taking loans in any form. They are under the influence of the energy of the world and freedom, independence, and any loan represents serious and sometimes very long-term dependency. Instead of spiritual and practical development, representatives of these Arcana will be preoccupied with repaying loans, which will slow them down and negatively impact their energy and potential.

Loans themselves are neither evil nor good. They are a financial tool that needs to be used wisely and rationally, carefully calculating one’s strength and capabilities.