What is the Destiny Matrix? About the Method of 22 Arcanes

What is the Destiny Matrix? About the Method of 22 Arcanes

What is the Destiny Matrix? About the Method of 22 Arcane
What is the Destiny Matrix? About the Method of 22 Arcanes

A person is born with a certain potential and abilities. They can understand themselves using the Destiny Matrix method. This method is based on the ancient Tarot system and its 22 Major Arcana. For millennia, this sacred knowledge was known only to the initiated, but now it has become accessible to everyone seeking self-knowledge and self-improvement.

History of the Destiny Matrix

The method was developed in 2006 by Natalia Ladini. Subsequently, her work was supplemented and expanded by dedicated collaborators.

The Destiny Matrix shares similarities with numerology and astrology. It gives a person the opportunity to understand a specific situation and determine what actions to take in the future.

The Destiny Matrix is a unique code that remains unchanged throughout a person’s life. Once you understand your own matrix, you can comprehend how certain energies manifest during specific periods of existence. With such profound knowledge, a person can consciously interact with their energies.

The Symbolism of the Destiny Matrix Method

To represent the method, an image of a square within a square is used. This ancient symbol, the octagram, combines masculine and feminine principles, spiritual and material aspects, the Universe (God), and the Individual.

The eight-pointed star has been well-known since ancient times. It was widely used by numerous religions and esoteric traditions:

  • In Christianity, it is the Star of Bethlehem, which led the wise men to the cradle of the infant Christ.
  • In Judaism, the octagram appears in Kabbalah.
  • In Babylon, the octagon represented Venus—the morning and evening star—as well as the associated goddess Ishtar.
  • The northern peoples living in Finland and Karelia regarded the octagram as a symbol of glory and rebirth.
  • The Rose of the Winds, indicating the cardinal directions, is well known to travelers and sailors of various eras and nations.

The octagon is used in European heraldry and religious symbolism worldwide, including in the Muslim tradition of decorating mosques and palaces.

Tarot: Major Arcana

Tarot cards have an ancient history and are largely a philosophical phenomenon rather than just a divination system. The first mentions of them appeared in the 14th century, but it is believed that Tarot originated in ancient Egypt. A complete classical deck includes 2 blank cards, 56 Minor Arcana, and 22 Major Arcana.

The term “Arcana” was given by the French occultist Paul Christian in 1863. There is the following definition of the term formulated by Grigory Moebes:

“Arcana are secrets necessary for understanding a specific group of facts, laws, or principles; a mystery that cannot be dispensed with at the time when the need for this knowledge arises; a mystery accessible to a sufficiently inquisitive mind in this area of knowledge.”

The Major Arcana represent a transition to another, higher level or a reset and a diametric reversal. The 22 Arcana exist for a reason.

Tarot cards have also been reflected in the works of renowned psychologists. Carl Gustav Jung considered their symbolism to be a reflection of archetypal situations in human life. He used an intuitive method of understanding life events in the context of the present moment. For him, Tarot:

“These are psychological images, symbols with which a person plays as the unconscious seems to play with its contents. The cards are combined in certain ways into various combinations, corresponding to the play of events in the history of mankind.”

Description of the Destiny Matrix Method

There are 22 energies characteristic of every person. However, some energies are more important for certain individuals, while others dominate in different people. Their combination is unique, forming a unique human personality and constituting its psychological portrait. In the Destiny Matrix method, equivalent synonyms for energy are used: fate code, arcane, or fate program.

If a person is plagued by failures, it does not mean that this is predestined by their fate. It reflects that they are living with their energies at a minimum value. A lucky, successful person uses them to the maximum.

Each of the 22 energies does not carry a positive or negative meaning inherently; these properties are acquired through our actions and thoughts. Understanding the minuses and pluses of one’s own energies can help to quickly correct the situation, as energies can occupy extreme positions throughout life.

When using the method, it is important to consider the main rule: there are only 22 energies. Therefore, for birth dates exceeding 22, the digits need to be summed. For example, those born on the 26th will get the following result: 2 + 6 = 8. This means that the person has the 8th energy.

Philosophical Foundations of the Destiny Matrix

A person possesses an eternal soul and a mortal body. The soul comes into the world to gain the planned experience. If it does not recognize its goals or does not acquire the necessary experience, life will be difficult until all tasks are completed. For this purpose, the soul will reincarnate until it gains the required knowledge.

This situation is reminiscent of school, where it is important not only to study diligently and review the material but also to regularly correct mistakes. For this, the soul has certain milestones at 30, 40, and 60 years old, when assessments take place. If the soul performs its tasks properly, it does not experience emotional turmoil during these periods. Unfulfilled programs lead to the formation of crisis situations.

Energies are the tasks facing the soul. Not understanding them leads to struggles and problems in life, where a person does not realize the causes provoking negative situations and events. Understanding what needs to be done and what the primary task is can be helped by asking a simple question: “What causes the most discomfort? What seems the most difficult?” It is in this direction that one must move.


People who have a close connection with their soul feel the direction they should move in. Until the age of three, children live well according to the positives of their matrix. At a later age, external factors come into play, including family, friends, and the influence of the community. Inner feelings and external influences can diverge, and the child has to navigate between them.

The tasks facing the soul are not simple. Continuing the analogy with school, what seemed difficult in childhood becomes easy and understandable over time. For example, the multiplication table, which was hard to learn as a child, is recalled automatically in adulthood. The same happens with the soul’s learning. If it completes tasks and accumulates the corresponding experience, it avoids repeating the same situations and events. If conflicts and problems systematically recur, it means the task has not been worked through.

Parents and Their Role

Searching for the cause of events in childhood does not mean that parents are to blame for everything. They are also needed for gaining experience. The soul chooses which parents to be born to in a physical body based on the tasks it faces. Parents set certain parameters for the soul’s journey and goal attainment. The soul has the necessary tools for this. Such information is also present in the Destiny Matrix method.

Midlife Crisis

Crises arise when it is determined that the necessary tasks have not been completed. A lack of conclusions drawn from the lessons learned leads to crises. However, if the soul has achieved its goals, it will encounter positive factors.

Spiritual Development

A person can follow the path of spiritual development or deny its very possibility. In any situation, they must go through this path, even without realizing it, accumulating experience. The path of spiritual development includes all the events of a person’s life, both positive and negative.

The Destiny Matrix does not predict the future; it speaks about the qualities inherent in the soul. This sets the direction of movement and indicates the reasons for what is happening.

What the Destiny Matrix Provides

The method provides the most complete and accurate information about the soul’s karmic past compared to other systems. Using the Destiny Matrix will allow you to live life consciously, rather than “going with the flow.”

The Destiny Matrix method offers the following advantages:

  • Uncovering a person’s potential, abilities, and psychological portrait.
  • Guidelines for revealing ancestral capabilities.
  • Using the health line to recognize potential illnesses.
  • Financial potential to help find the most promising fields of activity.
  • The love line to foster excellent relationships with a partner.
  • Parent-child karma to reveal the specifics of relationships with parents and children.


In the Destiny Matrix, a person will find detailed information about the following karmic tasks:

  • Along the male ancestral line.
  • Along the female ancestral line.
  • Problems from the soul’s past incarnation (previous events, their influence on today’s life, karmic tasks of the incarnation).

The Purpose of the Human Soul

The soul has specific tasks to accomplish for itself and others. These tasks include the following purposes:

  • Personal – Goals and tasks up to the age of 40.
  • Social – What needs to be done for the family, people, and society after the age of 40.
  • Spiritual – This purpose is received as a bonus around the age of 60. It will be positive if the first two purposes have been fulfilled.

Recognizing Your Energies

All energies are already embedded in a person’s date of birth, so discovering them is quite simple. The Destiny Matrix method can help with this. By using the Destiny Matrix calculator, you can perform the necessary calculations and obtain important information. It allows you to calculate data and receive a detailed and clear interpretation.

Using the Destiny Matrix method helps in understanding life’s goals and the reasons behind certain events, guiding you towards the right thoughts and helping you make the correct conclusions. This gives you a chance to improve your life and avoid constantly repeating the same karmic mistakes in each incarnation of the immortal soul.

You can familiarize yourself with the energies and calculate them using our smart Destiny Matrix calculator.