The first lasso (1) in the Matrix of Destiny is The Magician, The Sorcerer

The first lasso (1) in the Matrix of Destiny is The Magician, The Sorcerer

The first lasso (1) in the Matrix of Destiny is The Magician, The Sorcerer
The first lasso (1) in the Matrix of Destiny is The Magician, The Sorcerer

The first energy, or the first arcanum in the Matrix of Destiny, can have either a positive or negative value. This indicator determines a person’s actions in further development. Understanding the meaning of the first energy will help to comprehend what future awaits the person born under this arcanum, the talents and abilities they possess, which fields of activity are most suitable for them, what to expect in personal relationships, and whether they will be financially prosperous.

What does the first lasso Major Arcana mean in the Matrix of Destiny?

In the Matrix of Destiny, various names are used for energies: arcana, codes. This refers to Tarot cards, on which the Matrix is based. The first lasso is typical for people born in January or on the first day of the month, who have a one in their Matrix of Destiny. Similar to Tarot cards, in the Matrix, the arcana numbered one symbolizes a magician, sorcerer, miracle-worker, or pioneer.

This arcana has the following main meanings:

The first energy can manifest both negatively and positively. These aspects are worth exploring in detail.

Positive aspects of the first energy

People governed by the first arcana exhibit the following character traits and abilities:

  • Desire to act independently.
  • Tendency to be optimistic in various situations.
  • A developed mind, constantly progressing and generating ideas.
  • Proficiency in the spiritual realm, influencing energies to achieve their goals.

Such individuals are natural leaders. They always move forward, open new horizons, successfully lead others in a group, without fearing difficulties and obstacles. They are fortunate and successful in the material sphere and excel in finances.

People governed by the first arcana are characterized by a tendency towards constant and tireless activity. They are full of progressive ideas that they strive to implement in life as quickly as possible. They have a desire to gain new experiences from life and the people around them, a love of freedom, and a thirst for travel and adventure. As career-oriented individuals in a positive sense, they prefer work and creativity over marriage, opting for freedom.

Negative aspects of the first energy

In cases where a person’s first arcana is negative, they may exhibit the following negative traits:

  • Lack of self-confidence.
  • Egotism, tendency towards pride.
  • Resentfulness, negative reactions to any criticism directed at them, even if it is objective.
  • Arrogant, even audacious behavior.

Individuals who always consider themselves superior to others often encounter serious conflicts within the family, at work, and in relationships with friends and acquaintances. Such people behave rudely and disrespectfully, attempting to influence others through authority, leading to a reluctance to communicate with them. Not surprisingly, those with a “negative” first arcana have almost no friends, despite their financial success and high-ranking positions.

These individuals are not prone to feelings such as compassion and empathy. They easily abandon people and cease communication with them if they believe someone has spoken or acted against them. Those with the first arcana are prone to nitpicking, not only towards others but also towards themselves. Their critical nature causes them to feel insecure, leading to the development of many complexes. They enjoy leading, but avoid real work, which leads to conflicts and the shifting of responsibilities onto subordinates and other employees, as well as close friends and relatives. They always blame others, but not themselves, living under the sign of a negative in the first arcana.

How to work on the first energy

The most convenient way to perform calculations in the Matrix of Destiny is using the 22 energies calculator. After obtaining important information, it is essential to acknowledge your positive traits while paying maximum attention to the negatives. This is crucial, as negative energy can easily overshadow all positives or distort them beyond recognition.

For men and women with code 1, the defining force is powerful internal energy and a drive for creation and development. They need to strictly control their emotional expressions, not succumb to irritation due to critical attitudes from others, and learn to value themselves. Ideally, the field of activity chosen by these individuals should aim to benefit others. This will allow for self-realization and simultaneously help improve the world.

The task of individuals with the first energy is to work towards becoming a two, i.e., learning to live jointly with others and finding a partner.

It is important to develop empathy and compassion, qualities directly related to being soulful. One should not refuse help from relatives and close friends if they sincerely offer it. Accepting help is not a sign of weakness, but an indication that there are people around who will always support and help, lending a shoulder. It is also important to stop fearing taking responsibility for one’s actions. Even if a mistake or misdeed is acknowledged, it reflects positively on the individual.

The “negative” first arcana often drives individuals to extremes—from egotism to disbelief in their own abilities. To balance the energy, one must achieve a “golden mean,” believe in oneself without considering oneself the center of the universe. This can be aided by nature walks, meditative practices, achieving internal balance and harmony. It is crucial to combat negative emotions, not allowing negative energies to destroy one’s life.