Choosing a Profession and Destiny Matrix: Calculation and Interpretation

Choosing a Profession and Destiny Matrix: Calculation and Interpretation

Destiny Matrix and Profession

Choosing a profession using the Destiny Matrix: calculation and interpretation method. It is important for a person to have a job that not only brings money but also brings pleasure. If this is not the case, one might want to change the profession or start something completely new if the old occupation has become boring, routine, and tiring. The Destiny Matrix can help you find the profession that your soul craves.

Destiny Matrix and Profession

Some professions are gradually disappearing due to the development of new technologies. They also stimulate the emergence of new specialties. It is quite difficult to independently determine future work, especially if the choice has to be made at a fairly young age. How not to make a mistake so as not to realize later in life, when retraining and finding a new path will be much more difficult?

The Destiny Matrix does not give direct indications of what kind of work to engage in or which profession to choose. It reveals a person’s talents, abilities, and inclinations. This will suggest in which field of activity to choose a specialty that suits the person’s energies. This is only a direction for the search, and the choice always remains with each person.

Using the Destiny Matrix, you can obtain the following information:

  • Talents, including hidden ones, that a person may not even suspect.
  • Character and temperament. This largely determines the future field of activity, level of activity, and communication. Some people work successfully only in a team, while others feel much more comfortable working at home and alone.
  • Social status, as well as the benefit one can bring to the world.
  • Thoughts and behaviors that can block professional success.
  • The point of soul comfort, combining four areas: personal life, health, work, and creativity.

Studying the Destiny Matrix will help you make a more accurate decision and eliminate possible doubts about the correctness of choosing a profession.

How to Determine a Profession in the Destiny Matrix

To correctly determine a profession, it is necessary to decipher and analyze the entire Destiny Matrix:

  1. Financial line. It indicates what should be developed in a person to achieve the best financial success.
  2. Business card. It contains two energies: the day and month of birth. Deciphering this data provides information about talents that influence the choice of profession.
  3. Talent line. It is colored blue and coincides with the Vishuddha chakra.
  4. The point of soul comfort – the center of the Matrix.
  5. Family channel. It contains a lot of information. From ancestors, we inherit not only karmic tasks but also numerous talents and paths of development and improvement.

A comprehensive assessment of the obtained data will help you not to make a mistake in choosing a profession.

Matrix Calculation

For self-deciphering, it is easiest to use a virtual calculator. To perform the calculation, you only need to know the person’s day, month, and year of birth, as well as their gender and name.

Deciphering the Twenty-Two Arcanes of the Matrix

A virtual calculator will help you choose a profession and provide a complete scheme with a deciphering of all the arcanes:

  1. First Arcane – professions involving responsibility (business, leadership). Also suitable are avant-garde and unusual specialties, as well as progressive professions in the IT field.
  2. Second Arcane – creativity, professions related to nature and helping people.
  3. Third Arcane – business for female consumers: beauty, culinary arts, fashion, design, etc. Also suitable are professions related to children, dancing, teaching.
  4. Fourth Arcane – professions with a male target audience: politics, advertising, management, investment, banking, manufacturing, production, construction, agriculture.
  5. Fifth Arcane – professions requiring strict order and control: military affairs, jurisprudence, politics, religion and traditions, teaching.
  6. Sixth Arcane – creation of beauty (design, art, cosmetics and fashion, style, writing and formatting texts).
  7. Seventh Arcane – areas requiring physical strength and psychological health and resilience: business, military field, sports, rehabilitation medicine, personal growth training.
  8. Eighth Arcane – professions associated with high social status and the fight for justice: military affairs, police, jurisprudence, criminology, journalism, tax inspection, psychology and analytics.
  9. Ninth Arcane – intellectual activity related to the transfer of knowledge and accumulated wisdom, such professions as actors, teachers, musicians, work with information and texts, SEO specialists, scientists, programmers, philosophy, as well as such fields of activity as psychology, journalism, writing, and so on.
  10. Tenth Arcane – assistants, deputies, performers.
  11. Eleventh Arcane – activities related to physical strength, sports, mobility, and activity: business, management, including state management.
  12. Twelfth Arcane – helping people and animals, creativity, uniqueness.
  13. Thirteenth Arcane – professions related to risk, life and death: doctors, pilots, astronauts, prosecutors, extreme athletes, military personnel, intelligence officers, rescuers, psychologists and psychiatrists.
  14. Fourteenth Arcane – creativity, show business, medicine, including plastic surgery.
  15. Fifteenth Arcane – teaching, mentoring, coaching.
  16. Sixteenth Arcane – construction, reconstruction, and restoration in both the literal and figurative sense.
  17. Seventeenth Arcane – creative, public professions: poet, artist, singer, painter, blogger, journalist, TV presenter, politician, businessman, host.
  18. Eighteenth Arcane – areas related to imagination, fantasy, healing, esotericism, psychology, creative work.
  19. Nineteenth Arcane – political activity, communication and interaction, social support, religious sphere, missionary work.
  20. Twentieth Arcane – family or hereditary business, joint work with relatives, family celebrations, as well as a children’s home, nursery, event organization, and so on.
  21. Twenty-First Arcane – international relations, diplomacy, internet, travel, blogging, psychology, working as a translator, etc.
  22. Twenty-Second Arcane – personal business, creativity, investments, and passive income.

The Twenty-Second Arcane is unifying, and people with it are suitable for all professions and specialties from the other energies.