The Relationship Line in the Destiny Matrix (22 Arcanas): Calculation of Arcanas and Interpretation

The Relationship Line in the Destiny Matrix (22 Arcanas): Calculation of Arcanas and Interpretation

Relationship Line

The relationship line, or relationship channel in the Destiny Matrix contains all the information and data concerning a person’s future or current life partner. Using the method of calculating the channel, one can determine the energy blocking the entry point into relationships, as well as the person who is best suited for marriage and family. This can also help understand whether the purpose of the union is connected to the karma of past incarnations of their souls.

The Relationship Channel in the Destiny Matrix

Love, happy relationships, and successful marriages have always been a concern for people. Everyone wants love, desires to have loyal and kind life partners, and for the union to be long and happy.

However, the concept of happiness is subjective. Some people perceive it as bright and stormy relationships, for others it is a strong family and the birth of offspring, and for others still, it is the couple’s mutual spiritual development and self-improvement. These aspirations may coexist, but the level of desire in partners can vary significantly. The word “love” often encompasses different interpretations: some consider a family incomplete without children, for others this is not essential; one partner may want expressive emotions, while the other values peace and stability more, and so on. These differences in approaches and interpretations cause problems and conflicts in families.

To avoid this, you can calculate the relationship line in the Destiny Matrix and use it to identify the most suitable partner for life and marriage.

The relationship channel is called the flow of love energy of each person. It is individual for everyone, depending on the main energies, life purpose and path, as well as character.

Where the Relationship Line is Located

The relationship is located in the lower right part of the diagonal square of the Destiny Matrix and includes three energies following one another. All three energies are important for calculating the relationship channel. Together, they form a complete scheme of a person’s love sphere.

Virtual Calculator of the Destiny Matrix

To calculate the relationship in the Destiny Matrix yourself, you can use the virtual calculator. To do this, you need to know the name, gender, day, month, and year of birth of the person for whom the calculation is being done.

Interpretation of Matrix Indicators

The virtual calculator will show the energies of the relationship line and a full interpretation of their meanings. The resulting scheme of the Destiny Matrix will show the placement of the arcanas’ numbers related to love and marriage. Recommendations for further work with the energies will also be provided during the calculation.

What the Relationship Energies Tell Us

By studying the energies of the love line and their combinations in the Destiny Matrix of specific people, you can obtain the following information:

  1. A detailed description of the most suitable partner by character and views.
  2. Whether the relationship is karmic or not, and the tasks facing the couple.
  3. The purpose of the people forming the couple.
  4. The level of material well-being.
  5. Challenges in forming relationships in the union.
  6. Creating a family and having offspring.
  7. The level of relationships in the couple: interaction and mutual understanding.

The Ideal Partner According to the Destiny Matrix

The Destiny Matrix and the relationship line will demonstrate what the ideal partner should be like, as all aspects of a person’s personality and their purpose are encrypted in it. It will show what qualities a potential life partner should have for the union to be harmonious, long-lasting, and successful.

The Entry Point into Relationships

The entry point into relationships represents the energy located at the entrance to the love channel. It is located in the area of the karmic tail. Since it is close to the karma of the past incarnation, it is more important compared to the other two arcanas. Unresolved karmic tasks and debts negatively affect the entry point into relationships, completely blocking the relationship line.

You need to start working from the bottom of the Matrix, from the energy in the main soul development, then move on to the karmic tail. It is important to remember that relationships are formed through the complementary work of both partners in the union.

Does the Matrix Show Potential Marriage?

For both men and women, it is important to know the year of marriage. This is interesting for those who are still single and those who have been in a relationship for a long time but have not yet formalized it. The virtual calculator of the Destiny Matrix will not only help analyze and evaluate the partnership channel but also demonstrate predictions for the following years. This means that it is possible to detect energies predicting a potential marriage.