Changes in the Matrix of Destiny (22 Arcanas): Is It Possible and How to Do It

 Changes in the Matrix of Destiny (22 Arcanas): Is It Possible and How to Do It

The Matrix of Destiny represents a scheme of energies that impact human life. It helps people learn to manage their own lives, work through problems and fears, and discover their soul’s purpose. If the Matrix does not align with a person’s desires, they may wish to change it. Is this possible?

Matrix of Destiny

The Matrix of Destiny is directly related to the date of birth, meaning its calculation uses the day, month, and year of a person’s arrival in this world. Changing this date is impossible. Does this mean the Matrix cannot be changed?

Changing the Matrix of Destiny

The energies in the Matrix of Destiny can be either positive or negative. While the Matrix itself, like the date of birth, cannot be changed, it is possible to turn negative energies into positive ones. This implies the presence of positive changes in a person’s life.

The Matrix of Destiny can be compared to a code given once and for all at birth. It remains unchanged throughout a person’s life. The individual’s goal is to understand how this code works and learn how to use it.

Complete success can be achieved by working through all twenty-two energies, or arcanas, of the Matrix of Destiny. In this case, all energies will be positive, painting the person’s life in vibrant and attractive colors.

Working Through Negative Energies

While the Matrix of Destiny itself cannot be changed, there is a chance to turn negative energies into positive ones. This is what should interest a person who wants to make their life better and more harmonious. One can start by deciphering the Matrix independently using a virtual calculator. It helps to learn the main characteristics of one’s energies and determine whether they are positive or negative.

The Matrix shows a person their strengths and weaknesses but does not provide recommendations on how to change the situation. Only the individual can work through their weaknesses and strengthen their positive traits, thereby changing their life.

Negative energies should not be considered an unfair destiny or punishment. They are given for fulfilling karmic tasks, so successfully working through them is beneficial. If karmic tasks are not addressed, they will keep reappearing, causing the person to repeat the same mistakes. It is crucial to understand that negative manifestations are not a punishment; instead of falling into depression, one should take steps to rectify the situation.

Once a person fully masters their code through the Matrix of Destiny, they can easily track the manifestation of energies in their life. This makes it much easier to navigate difficult situations and make the right decisions. Eventually, such “checks” will go unnoticed, and life will become exceptionally successful and harmonious.

How to Know When Changes Begin in Life

A person living in full harmony with their positive energies will experience the following changes:

  • Confidence in oneself and resolution of karmic debts. The person feels in their rightful place in life.
  • Identification of a profession necessary for self-sufficiency.
  • Finding an occupation that becomes a favorite and helps in self-realization.
  • Improvement in health.
  • Growth in financial well-being.
  • Improved relationships with family and friends.
  • Easy and quick resolution of problems accumulated over years or even decades.
  • Disappearance of troubling thoughts that have persisted for a long period.

One should analyze their life not only to work through negative energies but also for mental well-being. Positive shifts and changes over a specific period can be immediately noticed. For this purpose, it is recommended to regularly (once a month, six months, a year, etc.) perform the following exercise: write down answers to these questions:

  1. The five greatest achievements over the chosen period.
  2. Main goal for the month, six months, year, 5 years, etc.
  3. Whether the chosen goal for the period was achieved.
  4. Feelings about the achieved result.
  5. The best decision made during the specified period is…
  6. The connection between what I want and what I can do to achieve it.
  7. The most challenging task successfully handled is…
  8. Pride felt for which achievement.
  9. Psychological achievements over the specified period.
  10. Professional successes over the chosen period.

Achieving significant changes is not easy. It requires extensive and prolonged effort, diligence, and perseverance, involving significant work on oneself. It cannot be done by mere wishful thinking, but as the person changes for the better, so will the world around them.

Everyone can calculate their Matrix of Destiny using a simple and comprehensible virtual calculator.